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Thought of the Day

Why did they bother rushing the LAX shooter to hospital , get him stable and then announce they were seeking the death penalty?


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Are You friggin Insane?

A 56 year old woman has been arrested in Bali for allegedly attempting to smuggle in 4.7kg of cocaine which has a street value of £1.6m !!!  The drugs were allegedly found hidden in the lining of Lindsay Sandiford’s suitcase after arriving in Indonesia from Bangkok. If  found guilty, sadly that is the death penalty…… by firing squad.


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Give Him What He Wants

Oh for goodness sakes correctional officers, Robert Gleason Jr, friggin told you to move his new cellmate or else! But did you listen? No! Gleason was going bonkers with Harvey Gray Watson Jr’s constant friggin singing , screaming and obnoxious behavior so he took it upon himself to bound, gag, beat and strangled him to death. It then took 15 hours for anyone to realize Mr Watson had been murdered because they forgot to do a head count at the high security prison in Virginia. Now Gleason is begging to be placed on death row, claiming he will continue to kill. In fact he recently sacked his lawyers for trying to save him from the death penalty in a previous murder he committed. So what are you waiting for?


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It’s A Cover Up

I would like to plead innocent sir!

WTF. A judge has allowed a $150 a day cosmetologist to come in daily to court to apply make-up to a man charged with murder because his face is covered with neo Nazi tattoos. Oh and send that bill to the people of Florida thank you very much. John Allen Ditullio, a self confessed neo-Nazi, is on trial for the murder of a neighbor. It is alleged that Ditullio donned on a gas mask, broke into a neighbors house and stabbed the two occupants, killing one of them, in what is believed to be a hate crime . Because he is facing a death penalty, Ditullio’s lawyers successfully argued that the tattoos, with include a 15cm swastika under his ear, barbed wire down his face and vulgar words scrawled down his neck, may influence the jury’s opinion. Ya think?


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