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Why do we give scum the time of day?

Steven Hayes tries to justify killing three peopleExcept for those “couple of minutes” we were “nice to everyone,” …. those are the words of Steven Hayes, one of the men on death row for the murders of a Connecticut doctor’s wife and his two daughters .  Hayes poured gasoline on the two girls and set them alight after having raped and strangled their mother… but except for those “couple of minutes” they were “nice to everyone,” .  If Hayes was attempting to justify his actions during the recent interview he must be delusional. He also admitted that while on death row he has watched TV shows about the murder.



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I Did It My Way

A killer on death row in Ohio has killed himself days before he was to be executed.


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Sorry, You’re Too Fat For Death Row

Put you on a strict diet too huh?

Eat up death row inmates because if you get too fat they ain’t gonna execute you. Well not in Ohio anyways. It seems if you top the scales at 480lbs (218kg) you may have  a “torturous and lingering death.” and therefore can’t be permanently removed from society. Just ask Ronald Post, he’s spent the last 30 years on death row and is now so big they fear they won’t even be able to find a vein let alone squeeze him onto the execution gurney. In an ironic twist Post said he has tried to lose weight but he has a knee and back problem and can’t exercise.

Psst Yeah, yeah one more time loons, Friggin Ohio, home of Bearman.


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When The System Plays God

Today Troy Davis was put to death by lethal injection for the killing of an off-duty policeman in 1989. For the 22 years he’s been languishing behind bars waiting for the needle to be placed into his arm to make his heart stop beating  he has declared his innocence. Yes, he was at the scene, that can’t be denied. Yes, there were witnesses but Davis swore he didn’t have a gun nor did he pull the trigger. However the jury found him guilty and chose for him to cease to walk amongst us. Over the two decades that Troy has been patiently waiting on death row new evidence emerged that another man at the scene was indeed the culprit. Three members of the jury at the 1991 trial also have come forward expressing doubts about their verdict. Despite all of this, the state Of Georgia refused to allow an investigation  into the new findings but instead they preferred to take a life rather than remove all doubts. Troy’s final words were for the family of the slain policeman “I’d like to address the MacPhail family. Let you know, despite the situation you are in, I’m not the one who personally killed your son, your father, your brother. I am innocent,”
Whatever your thoughts about the death sentence, a system that isn’t foolproof and can allow one innocent person to die is unacceptable.

Psst I hope for everyone’s sakes he was guilty because that’s one  mighty big friggin call.


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We Haven’t Got All Day

I'm going to recite Hamlet

Well alrighty then, memo to all death row prisoners in Ohio, you are probably going to have  a limit to the length of your final words now, thanks to Michael Beuke.  Beuke who was condemned to death after killing a hitchhiker took 17 friggin minutes to complete his final statement, which included 53 ‘Hail Marys’, before he was executed. Now the Department of Rehabilitation and Correction  are reviewing the “unlimited statement” law.


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Are You Sure He Wants To Live?

In the ironic story of the day, the attorney for a death row inmate wants a stay of execution after the prisoner tried to commit suicide hours before being scheduled to die. He claims it’s a violation of constitutional rights for two guards to give Brandon Joseph Rhode a disposable razor days before the execution.  Rhode was sentenced to death after killing Steven Moss and his two teenage  children during a burglary.


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To Be Or Not To Be

Hmm, here’s the thing, you have been on death row for 15 years but you swear you’re innocent, what ya gonna do? Go on friggin Youtube and plead your case, that’s what. Jeffrey Matthews and his friend Tracy Dyer were found guilty of killing Otis Short in Oklahoma in 1994. Dyer admitted guilt and got life but Matthews denied even being there and got the death penalty. As a last ditch effort to get the Governor of Oklahoma to reopen the case he has made a plea via Youtube.

Here’s the story

Here’s the plea

So what do you think loons, guilty or innocent? Should they have a retrial or lethally inject?

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Death By Firing Squad

Why would you give a death row inmate a choice for starters? Ronnie Lee Gardner, who had been on death row in Utah for 25 years, chose death by bullet instead of lethal injection during a hearing this year, despite it being outlawed in 2004. So, yesterday, after all avenues for mercy were exhausted, 5 sharpshooters took aim at Gardner’s heart and fired. Hmm, if that ain’t going to get the civil libertarians ranting nothing will!


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Give Him What He Wants

Oh for goodness sakes correctional officers, Robert Gleason Jr, friggin told you to move his new cellmate or else! But did you listen? No! Gleason was going bonkers with Harvey Gray Watson Jr’s constant friggin singing , screaming and obnoxious behavior so he took it upon himself to bound, gag, beat and strangled him to death. It then took 15 hours for anyone to realize Mr Watson had been murdered because they forgot to do a head count at the high security prison in Virginia. Now Gleason is begging to be placed on death row, claiming he will continue to kill. In fact he recently sacked his lawyers for trying to save him from the death penalty in a previous murder he committed. So what are you waiting for?


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Renae Lawrence Takes A Risk To Save Her Mate

Bali 9

Whatever your opinion of drug mule Renae Lawrence you have to admire her courage. In a bid to help her mate Scott Rush, who faces execution in Bali for his role in smuggling heroin into Indonesia, she has made fresh confessions about her involvement in the smuggling ring. Lawrence who is serving 20 years for her role, is hoping lawyers they will argue Rush’s harsher sentence is unjust because other members received lighter sentences. It was Rush’s first trip overseas when he was caught (with 9 other Australians) with 3.4 kg of heroin strapped to his body. Rush and two other mules, Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran, were sentenced to death but the other 6 were given lengthy jail sentences. Time is running out for the youngest member of the Bali Nine as he gets prepared for a final appeal. The death sentence was made all the more controversial because it was Rush’s father who notified the Australian Federal Police over concerns about his son’s trip overseas. Instead of them stopping him board the plane in Australia they notified Indonesian customs, where he was later searched and arrested.


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