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Spot The Mass Killer Difference

This morning as I did my daily news read I noticed this ….



One reads “US Afghan massacre soldier gets life”  and the other reads “Ft Hood shooter guilty, faces death”.  Hmmm?

So anywho, I then clicked on each article to discover these headings ….

“Life, no parole for US soldier Robert Bales who massacred 16 Afghans”

“Ft Hood shooter Nidal Hassan found guilty of 13 charges of murder; now faces death penalty”

Then this is how they justify  each sentencing ….

Robert Bales – “There is only one appropriate sentence for the senseless slaughter of 16 innocent people – a sentence reserved for the worst crimes and worst criminals – confinement for life without eligibility for parole,” 

Nidal Hassan – “From the beginning of the case, the federal government has sought to execute Hasan, believing that any sentence short of a lethal injection would deprive the military and the families of the dead of the justice they have sought for nearly four years.”

OK, call me silly, but aren’t both these men  US military ? Didn’t they BOTH senselessly kill a lot of innocent people? Plus, neither  one has shown any remorse for their actions. So here’s the thing,  shouldn’t the sentence be the same for both? Just saying.








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Granny Drug Mule Faces Firing Squad

One more time people, DO NOT  smuggle drugs into Indonesia for crying out loud. A British granny is now facing the firing squad after getting caught with $2.5 million worth of cocaine in Bali. Despite prosecutors wanting a 15 year prison stint, she has now got herself a death sentence, thanks to a non amused judge. In handing down the sentence the judge said she had damaged the image of Bali as a tourism destination (and like shooting her won’t either?)  and weakened the government’s anti-drugs program.  In her defence Lindsay June Sandiford  claims she only did the drug run because the kingpins had threatened to hurt her kids.

Psst Clearly she ain’t no drug lord, just a very silly woman.


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Coffee Sucks But The Killer Lives

A murderer has had his death sentence overturned after a juror tweeted that the “coffee sucks” during the trial and another juror fell asleep due to boredom. Despite being originally sentenced to death for the killing of a 17 year old during a robbery Erickson Dimas Martinez has had the sentenced overturned .


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Murder Most Foul

OK Loons, this story maybe too gross for some of you, so look away if you must. James Hawkins has been sentenced to death after a jury found him guilty of murdering and then dismembering his wife’s body. Hawkin’s crime was especially heinous because after he stabbed and strangled his wife to death he  forced his teenage daughter to help put her into a freezer and then  hold her mom’s head while he cut it off with a circular saw. All of his three children testified against him. The daughter also claims her dad had sexually abused her. The only one who seemed to show any sympathy for Hawkins was his mom who said she didn’t want him to die because he was her only son.


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The Decision Got A Whole Lot Easier

OK, here’s the thing Isaiah Doyle, when facing the death penalty don’t be telling the jury “If I had an AK-47, I’d kill every last one of ya’all with no remorse.” Oh boy! Doyle, who is awaiting his fate for shooting dead a convenience store clerk in 2005, made the comments while taking the stand during the penalty phase of his murder trial. Good luck with that!


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Such Is Life

What’s the definition of ironic? When a  inmate has his death sentence commuted to life and then goes and hangs himself a week later.70 year old George Smithey was convicted of murder, robbery and attempted rape in 1988 and sentence to death. However after his sentence was  commuted to life, due to mental retardation, he used his bed sheet to end it all.


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Dating Game Killer Sentenced to Death

Might want to remember the name Rodney Alcala. He has been just sentenced to death for the murder of 4 women and a 12 year old girl but he might also be America’s worst serial killer. The 66 year old has admitted to killing 30 women during the 1970’s but police suspect there could be up to 120 victims. Police believe the 100 or so photos of unidentified women and girls discovered in a storage locker in Seattle could all have fallen prey to Mr Alcala (an amateur photographer).One detective described him as somewhere just below Hitler. Mr Alcala who has a genius IQ of 160, sucked his victims in by offering to take their photo, he would then rape them, strangle them, revive them and then eventually kill them. His nickname came from winning an episode of Blind Date. Fortunately the woman who chose him canceled their date because she thought he was too friggin creepy.

Psst What was up in the 70’s, a friggin serial killer fest!


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Renae Lawrence Takes A Risk To Save Her Mate

Bali 9

Whatever your opinion of drug mule Renae Lawrence you have to admire her courage. In a bid to help her mate Scott Rush, who faces execution in Bali for his role in smuggling heroin into Indonesia, she has made fresh confessions about her involvement in the smuggling ring. Lawrence who is serving 20 years for her role, is hoping lawyers they will argue Rush’s harsher sentence is unjust because other members received lighter sentences. It was Rush’s first trip overseas when he was caught (with 9 other Australians) with 3.4 kg of heroin strapped to his body. Rush and two other mules, Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran, were sentenced to death but the other 6 were given lengthy jail sentences. Time is running out for the youngest member of the Bali Nine as he gets prepared for a final appeal. The death sentence was made all the more controversial because it was Rush’s father who notified the Australian Federal Police over concerns about his son’s trip overseas. Instead of them stopping him board the plane in Australia they notified Indonesian customs, where he was later searched and arrested.


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Didn’t Predict This?

How unfortunate for Lebanese TV presenter Ali Sibat who made a living from making predictions on telly, he has found himself  on death row after going on a pilgrim to Saudi Arabia! Guess those religious police watch the Lebanese satellite channel. Thanks to his little regular soothsayer show he has been charged with  “charlatanry” and “sorcery” and given the death sentence. That’s a ratings killer. Every friggin human rights group is trying to overturn the conviction. I might be scratching that off my list of holiday destinations, imagine if the religious police read Friggin Loon!!! Ain’t bear thinking about!


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