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Scammers Got Scammed

Listen and learn young loons, writing thousands of death threats and sending them to yourself is no way to go through life. A couple in Australia who worked in the health department sent themselves death threats to get indefinite time off work. While scoring paid leave they went on interstate trips and lived a carefree existence whilst their employer had the privilege of paying for it. The fake threats totalled over 80,000 and included bloodstained parcels, nasty letters and crude phone calls over a two year period. Some of the parcels contained stained children’s clothing and were sent to their kids at school. The health department even put them up in an apartment so they didn’t have to stay at their home. Unfortunately for the hubby and wife, the cops smelled a rat and came up with a sneaky plan to catch them out. They snuck into the couple’s apartment and marked a stack of letters and envelopes with a special invisible ink. Too easy. The next letter handed to police had them busted.

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Have They No Pride?

Oh for the love of Mexican, some restaurant in Tampa is receiving bomb threats after they added  real lion meat tacos to their menu. Seems animal activists are not fans. The owners and staff have been under threat since news broke about this exotic meat meal. One angry man rang the manager and said he’d “kidnap me and grind me up for a taco.”  Oh and just in case you were wondering, the restaurant gets the meat from a farm in the US that breeds lions for meat.


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Octomom on Welfare

She said she would never ever  but Octomom is now on welfare. See ya California tax dollars, Nadya Suleman and her 14 children are now collecting $2,000 a month. Octomom, who famously had IVF and got herself preggers with 8 babies, despite already having 6 children, has even been forced to pull her brood out of private schools.  I’m guessing those naked photos were a fail then? Hmm, unfortunately when all the media attention is gone, you still have 14 mouths to feed. How do the Duggars do it????

Psst Octomom requests that you angry Californians stop sending nasty emails and death threats, thank you.


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Man Threatens To Kill Joe Biden

Who the hell is Joe Biden?


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Bravest Woman in Mexico Is A Chicken

Hey loons, remember Marisol Valles Garcia the 20 year old college student who was hired as police chief because everyone else quit? Yeah her. Well anywho, she’s fled. Seems those drug cartel death threats work. Garcia took up the most dangerous job on earth after candidates pulled out due to the gunning down of  the Mayor of  Praxedis G. Guerrero and her son.  Oh and guess what? It’s rumored she’s fled to the US of A seeking asylum. Attagirl, they won’t get ya there!


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Octopus Paul Receives Death Threats

OMG, since Paul the Octopus correctly predicted Germany’s fate in the World Cup he has received numerous death threats by angry German supporters wanting to grill him and throw him in a paella. Such is the concerns, Spanish Prime Minister Jose Zapatero is offering the eight legged creature state protection. Even the Spanish Industry Minister demanded Paul  be given an “immediate” free transfer to Spain to “ensure his protection”. Despite concerns for Paul’s safety he will remain at Sea Life in Germany.

Psst No word on whether Paul will be asked to predict the finals outcome  or whether he really gives a toss now that his team’s out!


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Mohammad Mocking on South Park

Forget Killing Kenny, Trey Parker and Matt Stone are on the extremists hit list radar for mocking Mohammad. Run boys, run! The South Park creators have decided to censor their show after they received  threats jihads fatwas warnings over their piss pulling on Mohammad.  You know you just can’t depict Mohammed in a bear suit and think you can get away with it. OK, yes,  sure Scientology isn’t so scary, so, yes, Tom Cruise in a closet is acceptable, but guys…. move over Salman you’re hogging the blankets!


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Death Threat Vacation

I'll see he gets the threat, thanks for calling.

I'll see he gets the threat, thanks for calling.

Wanna know where your tax dollar is going America? Hmm, seems the cash strapped Social Security Administration (SSA) just spent a whopping $700,000 on nearly 700 execs to have a little time out at “Jewel of the Desert” to teach them the art of reducing stress.Ooh, I’m sorry, did I say “they” spent $700,000, whoops my bad? YOU spent $700,000. Reason? Hmm, get this…because of the growing number of death threats they have been receiving. Blahahaha, hello people, we all know “they” don’t get the threats the underlings do. The three day conference was held at the Arizona Biltmore hotel which boasts swimming pools, a golf course and lush gardens. One of the highlights of the event was a performance by a motivational dance company.So taxpayers I hope you enjoy this video because you paid for it. Hmm, it was money well spent I say, they don’t look stressed at all. Bless, well done.

Psst I bet the threats will be running even hotter now!

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