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Worth a Try

You have a $3.7 million dollar debt you don’t want to pay…what do you do? Well, if you are a 59 year old Chinese woman from Wuhan you pay a plastic surgeon to alter your appearance, that’s what! Oh and you can add that to your debt. The woman used a credit card to pay for it. Unfortunately looking 30 years younger and brandishing fake ID didn’t help her one little bit. Since the government released more credit , consumers they have been cha chinging away and racking up huge household debt . This can’t be good!

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They Never Learn

OK, one more time people, if you are going to fake your own death please don’t a) tell everyone you have mad cow disease and are off for treatment in Venezuela b) apply for a passport under a false name c) get caught. That’s 14 years in prison right there. Come on people, too easy. The man, who was in uber debt , was off to Venezuela to obtain a fake death certificate. Three meals a day, roof over your head, no money worries…win/win.

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Greece Is Up For Grabs

Attention, anyone interested in a slightly used country consisting of 2 mainland peninsulas and thousands of islands? Going rate at present is about $1.2 billion. The up side is , the country has a uber amount of history (mostly in ruins) and beautiful views, the bummer is the 10 million or so occupants  don’t like paying taxes, rent or debts.

Greece has gone and done the unforgivable, proven that the whole Euro experiment was never going to work ….for some countries. Unable to pay their whopping loan, courtesy of  International Monetary Fund, they now find themselves abandoned by the Euro countries, without a brass razoo to their name. Awks. The government might have to dust off the drachma and refloat the worthless currency in order to function. They have already ordered an economic lockdown with banks shut and withdrawals limited to €60 a day at ATMs. But it is all a bit futile as most ATMs are as dry as a day old rusk.


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How Much Before You Are Officially Bankrupt?

If you haven’t got anything to worry about today here’s something that might do the trick. American analysts think the US government is lying hiding the truth about how much debt the country is in. The official sum given by the Congressional Budget Office says $US13.4 trillion but the real figure could well be $US200 trillion. How’s them apples. Might want to start learning Mandarin people.

Psst Does this mean Oprah won’t be coming to Australia?


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Debt and A Sore Head

OK, here’s the thing people, if you are going to collect a debt from someone, hitting them over the head with a chunk of pavement, ain’t necessarily the best way to go about it.  Sebastian Kelley wanted his money back from David Solak so he toddled over to his house in Maine but the two got into a fight and you pretty much know the rest….kaboom. Fat chance of getting your money back now mister!

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