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Honey, Get Back To Painting The Friggin Nursery !

Doesn't seem to be moving

You know what I hate? When  a baby is declared dead by doctors and then can be heard crying from the coffin during her wake. I really friggin hate that. The parents were shocked when they lifted the lid on the little coffin, after hearing a muffled noise, to see their snowflake crying her little heart out. Hidalgo state Attorney General has announced the doctors could be in big friggin trouble.


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That Wasn’t No Twitch!

You know what I hate? When the body at a funeral home starts to move, I really hate that. A 45 year old Colombian woman, who was declared clinically dead at hospital was transferred to a funeral home to be prepared for burial,only prob, she wasn’t dead. Evidently as they were about to apply the formaldehyde she began breathing and moving around. She is now back from whence she came but in a coma.


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