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Oh Deer

Of all the stupid things a white tailed deer could do, jumping into a cheetah enclosure at the Smithsonian’s National Zoo is way up there. Nothing left but a carcass and some very happy cheetahs.


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Reindeers Do Fly

Hey Santa,  Rudolph is missing!!!

Hey Santa, Rudolph is missing!!!

You know what I hate? When you are having a bad day at work so you decide to take a leisurely jog to clear your head when kaboom, you get cleaned up by a flying deer that had just been hit by a car.I really friggin hate that. Although the jogger only had minor injuries she was left covered in blood…from the deer. Bad day indeed.


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Oh Deer

Oh dear, a tortilla chip loving deer got his noggin stuck in a Dorito bag and had to be rescued by a Monroe County sheriff’s deputy. How embarrassing.

Deer gets head stuck in dorito bag


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How Do Spot An Illegal Poacher?

When you see blood flowing fom their SUV, that’s how.  OK, here’s the thing deer poachers, if you illegally shoot a deer and then stab it to death in your vehicle when it suddenly comes back to life,  you might want to clean up the mess before heading home. The clowns were caught when motorist began ringing the cops reporting that a SUV was dripping blood all over the highway.

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Death by Flying Deer Parts

Some poor woman In Pennsylvania has been killed by flying deer parts. Yes, it’s true. She was driving along minding her own bees wax when parts of a deer flew threw her window. The deer had been struck by another vehicle when kaboom, splat.


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That’s What Friends Are For

What do you do when you see your friend get cleaned up by a deer while out riding motorcycles in San Antonio? Grab his bike, throw it on your pickup truck and take off, that’s what. Oh and yes, you leave him and the deer sprawled across the road to sort their own mess out. The three supposed friends who stole the bike were stopped by police a short time later and charged with tampering with evidence. Meanwhile the motorcyclist was taken to hospital. No word on the deer.


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Deer, Deer, Deer


You know what I hate, when you think the neighbor’s kid is secretly videoing your daughter bathing, by putting a camera in a decorative deer in the backyard,  so you enter his house and shove him around a bit, only to discover there is no friggin camera attached to the deer. I really friggin hate that! That’s an arresting James Erickson.

Psst Irony alert, the dude lives in Surprise.

Want Sauce with that?


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Big Eyed Deer

No way I am doing her dirty work, sheez!

You know, if all you have handy is a vacuum cleaner and a garbage can to fight off a deer…you just go for it girl. An Iowa woman had to think quick when a frightened deer, who had just dodged a shit load of traffic, jumped through the window of her apartment and began destroying the inside of her home. Thank god she had the good sense to fight off traumatized Bambi with some household appliances. Shamwow! Eventually someone opened a door and the deer took off, traumatized by the thought of having to clean up its own mess, no doubt!

Psst Just turning on the vacuum cleaner would have been suffice, if my cat is anything to go by.


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Oh Deer!

Man shot in stomach after being mistaken for a deerBless, it’s the weekend so of course we have a shooting accident. Seems Ricky Brunelle from Ellenburg thought Bernard Sharlow was a deer. Hmm, guess not. Bernard has now had a .50 caliber slug removed from his stomach. Deers 1, Bernard 0.


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