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Granny Isn’t Everyone’s Friend

computer woman 2It seems in Florida when you get denied as a Facebook friend by your grandma it is customary to go slap her face (multiple times). OK, maybe not, but someone didn’t get the memo. A woman who tried to befriend her granny got angry when her request was denied. Seems granny wasn’t impressed with her Facebook moniker and refused to accept her until it was changed. That is when the slapping began and the assault charges followed. I’m guessing Christmas is going to be awks.


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Missing Man’s Defriending On Facebook

Not really news but still friggin funny…. since the mysterious disappearance of wealthy  businessman Herman Rockefeller earlier this week, he has suddenly gotten 21 new friends on Facebook. But the thing is, someone has defriended two of them. Prior to his disappearance he only had one friend on the social networking site. No word on who if anyone else has access to his Facebook passwords. This just gets stranger by the minute.


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