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Come On Honey, We Don’t Do Flannel

Two irate first class  passengers delayed a QANTAS flight from LA to Melbourne because the crew was unable to find them XL-sized first-class pajamas for their flight. Despite being offered  inferior Business Class pj’s the two opted to have their luggage offloaded and catch another flight.


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Fuhrer Learns of Gran Turismo 5 Delay

I’m guessing Hilter won’t be getting  Gran Turismo 5 in his Christmas stocking this year! The long awaited racing game was expected to be released in November but Sony announced a slight delay due to a few  glitches.


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Let Me Out

OK here’s the thing Mr Judge, if you discover that a prisoner who has been locked up for 27 years is friggin innocent, let him go! Michael Green has been told he will have to wait an extra day before being released because the Dallas court wants to give him time to compose himself so he doesn’t freak out. WTF! Green was sentenced to 75 years jail for a 1983 kidnapping and sexual assault of a woman when he was 18 years old but recent DNA testing proved it wasn’t him. He’s angry, his family are angry and he just wants out!

Psst Irony alert….Green would have been up for parole in October anyways.

2nd Psst Due to the the statute of limitations the 4 other suspects won’t be charged with the crime.


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Ring Of Bright Water

Geez, you would think Houston could handle a couple of wayward sea otters. Seems the mischievous pair got loose on a Continental Airlines flight causing a 80 minute delay. On any other day this wouldn’t even make the news!

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