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RIP Andy Irons

Surfing legend Andy Irons has died at  32. The three times world champion was found dead in his hotel room in Dallas after failing to compete in a surfing event in Puerto Rico.Irons was said to be too ill to fly from Texas to Hawaii and may have died from Dengue Fever. He leaves behind a pregnant wife.


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Could This Mark The End Of The Commonwealth Games?

100m in 4 seconds

With a fortnight before the start of the  Commonwealth Games,  India they may have to add “blood sport” as an event. Yesterday a couple of men on a motorbike open fired on a tourist bus with a friggin sub-machinegun, injuring two. Australian officials have been warned there is an 80% chance of a terrorist attack during the games (thank god the athletes are fit and can run!). That, with the dengue fever outbreak, should make for interesting times.

Psst Oh and for those who don’t know what the hell the Commonwealth Games are, it’s like the Olympics just minus all the best countries and athletes.


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