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How To Get Out Of Going To The Dentist – Lesson 1

doctor 3Your 12, you don’t want to go to the dentist. Yep, its time to fake your own kidnapping. Hell yeah. The kid was good, he had a full on description of his fake abductor but unfortunately the cops checked CCTV and the kid cracked. La idiot!

Psst Some French kid


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Pull Another One

A Swiss prisoner who had the almighiest of toothneedle 3aches, but was denied treatment, escaped from  a minimum security facility to see his dentist. Once his tooth was pulled he contacted police and they returned him to his cell. He only got an additional day added to his original one month sentence.


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Just One More Reason to Hate the Dentist

Woman has dentists drill removed from lungA woman in Sweden had to have surgery to remove a friggin dentist’s drill from her lung after it became unattached during an implant procedure and she swallowed it . Yeah, but how did it fall into her lung, a horrified Loon wants to know?


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Open Wide

All gone!

You know what I hate? When you go to a dentist and they leave a friggin drill bit in your head. I really hate that! Donna Delgao is suing her oral surgeon Ralph Eichstaedt after a inch long piece of steel was allegedly left in her wound for nearly a year.The bit was lodged in her maxillary sinus.Ewh, ouch! It was only after nose bleeds and sinus infections was the problem discovered.


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