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Toothless Tiger

Hmm, I know....

A Pennsylvania  bank robber told police the only reason she robbed the First National Bank was so she could afford to pay for a set of dentures. Evelyn Fuller, who has no teeth, came forward after a man recognised the coat he had loaned her and squealed told police. Oh well, at least she will now get her wish ….and probably 20 years.


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Teething Problems

People, if you are going to steal purses for a living can you please make sure you keep your mouth closed during your crimes. Milton Cesar de Jesus was arrested after he lost his dentures while snatching a purse in Brazil. Unlucky for him a homeless guy spotted the choppers and handed them into police with a pretty good description of de Jesus.


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What’s That You’re Saying?

Want a piece of history? Well, for around $7,500 you can have Sir  Winston Churchill’s spare set of dentures. Yep sirree, Sir Winston Churchill’s lisp correcting  false teeth are going up for auction in Norfolk.


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