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Toking Token

The homeless in Denver were living the high life (pun intended) for Christmas after a nonprofit organisation handed out free marijuana cigs to them . Ho, ho, ho. Evidently thousands of rolled joints were given to the homeless to raise awareness of homelessness in the city. Hmm, yep that will do it. The Cannabis Can group are hoping to raise enough money to buy RVs ,that are decked out with loos and showers , for people living on the streets to use.

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Who Stole The Cat Treats?

Oh no, which dog’s guilty? The saddest , funniest vid you will see all day.


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Batman Massacre

Thoughts and prayers to those who lost loved ones in the Colorado Batman massacre. No words.


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Jury Duty Fail

Here’s the thing lady from Denver, if you act mentally unstable to avoid jury duty don’t then be going on a popular radio talk back show and gloat about it because an investigator with the DA’s Office might be listening! Hmm, that’s a first degree perjury charge right there!  Susan Cole bragged to the Dave Logan Show how she wore mismatched shoes with reindeer socks, had her hair in curlers, wore heavy make up and told the judge she had post-traumatic stress disorder from serving in the military , was a victim of domestic violence, and had been homeless to avoid being picked. Oh come on loons, who wouldn’t want to brag about that!!!


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Step Away From The Bieber Doll

A police officer who was arrested for beating his girlfriend in Denver claims she attacked him with a Justin Bieber doll. How old are these people, 8?

Psst Does the story warrant such a long article I ask myself? Sauce.


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Dog Day Afternoon

Egads, remember that Denver news anchor who got her face bit when she leaned in to kiss a recently rescued Argentine mastiff? Yeah well, about that, it seems she has had to have her mouth stitched shut to allow the skin graft to take and get the blood circulating back through her lips. Oooh ouch! Did I mention 70 stitches ?


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Dog Bites Reporter’s Face

Moral of this story is don’t stick your face up to a dog who has just been rescued. Denver anchor Kyle Dyer had her face bitten on live TV after she leaned in to kiss the pooch. Ouch!

or for the morbidly inclined…


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Things To Do In Denver When You’re Dead

No, he always looks pale!

Oh for crying out loud guys if Judge Judy heard about this she’d bitch slap you two into next week. When Robert Jeffrey Young and Mark Rubinson decided to visit their friend Jeffrey Jarret they were shocked to find him dead as a door nail. Hmm, but instead of ringing  for an ambulance they thought they would take him to his favorite bar (so they could use his tab of course). When they had finished they put the probably very stiff mate in the car and continued bar hopping all over Denver with his credit card. It’s only when they took the corpse home after their pub crawl did they bother to ring the police.


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Arsonists Will Be Arsonists!

You know what I hate? When you go to investigate a fire and someone sets your arson van alight. I really friggin hate that. An investigator for the Denver Fire Department was at the scene of a two car fire when someone snuck up on his van and set it alight. Hmm, now it’s a three car fire investigation I guess.


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Robin Hood Of Denver

Apparently the Robin Hood that lives in Denver isn’t related to the one of no fixed address in Sherwood Forest. No sirree and he doesn’t steal from the rich to give to the poor either.  Robin Joshua Hood  happened upon someone’s wallet lying on the street and began using the man’s identity to avoid being caught on a warrant. Damn fool couldn’t even outwit the sheriff … he was eventually busted trying to steal 6 caps from a store.


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