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Casey Heynes Filled Out 60 Incident Reports

Remember Casey Heynes, the kid who hurled a bully to the ground after being harassed at school? You know the one on the Youtube clip that went viral? Well, anywho, it seems the poor kid had written between 60-70 incident reports to the Chifley School about the bullying prior to the incident. 60 to 70 of the suckers!!! Despite this, the Department of Education has cleared the school of any wrong doing and are satisfied they had provided him with adequate support. Hmm, lets see, could this because they fear getting sued? We are talking 60-70 reports for one child. That is outrageous by any standard. What is the role of a Principal? If children aren’t disciplined the behavior perpetuates. They start at school and finish where?

Want sauce with that?


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Bang, Bang

Gee, tough crowd in Staten Island, a 9 year old kid is thanking his lucky stars he wasn’t suspended after being caught playing with a gun. OK, Patrick Timoney, the fourth grader  didn’t have a real gun, but his LEGO police figure did and that’s a breaking of the Department of Education’s “no toy gun” policy. Patrick and his friends were playing around a cafeteria table when the principal spied the tiny weenie gun on the small action figure and carted him off to her office. There, she rang his mom and told her she considered the toy “suspension-worthy” but was going to check with a security administrator from the city Department of Education first.They told her to simply confiscate the toy. As you can imagine Patrick’s mom is not amused especially considering one of the other kid’s action figure was holding a friggin ax.


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Imagine a Banana Peel, Only Its a Condom

I don't know, something about a condom!

Karen Hollander, a teacher from the High School of Art & Design in New York City, is suing the Department of Education after slipping on condoms and hurting her head.Nasty! Oh dear god in the suit she claims school officials failed to maintain safety in the cafeteria. Say what? She slipped on a condom in the cafeteria? Evidently, they handed them out to students while they were having lunch and well, kids will be kids, they were flinging them around the place. Thank goodness, for a minute I thought they may have been used ones…that would be gross and well worth a sue! All in all it seems like  a simple a case of lazy bastarditis to me.


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