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Are You Pudding Me?

OK… I’m just gonna put it out there. I would so go to Hong Kong or Japan  just to try this…

Oh and wait…there is more …it pukes too



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Dangerous Dessert

Refund at table 9!

OK, here’s the thing person preparing the dessert Bananas Foster, be really careful how much alcohol you use or it could go kaboom! Four people in Florida were hospitalized for burns after the dessert exploded at a restaurant. The flaming dish, which includes bananas, ice cream, rum and banana liqueur, obviously had way too much alcohol content and Bombe Alaska-ed itself when ignited.


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I’ll Have What He’s Having!

Colombian cooking school creates Viagra dessert

Jean was miffed Bob didn't have a sweet tooth!

Attention all men, a Bogota Colombian cooking school has created a Viagra dessert. Hands up (or anything else for that matter), who wants one? Despite the recipe being kept a secret what I can tell you is it includes passionfruit, chocolate, a little blue pill with whipped cream on top.I am sure the loons could come up with an appropriate name for it!


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