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My Bad

Iz just couldnt helpz myself, it smelled so goodz…iz sorryz mummy….

Bella the Lab ate a wedding cake on the day of the wedding. The cake was suppose to be being looked after by the bridesmaid   Someone forgot to check the latch on Bella’s cage….  “When I got up in the morning and opened the kitchen door I screamed and burst into tears. The cake was totally destroyed and Bella was sitting there looking at the ground knowing very well that she was in big, big trouble.”

In a desperate plea the bridesmaid and her partner frantically searched for a cake maker to whip something up to replace the crumbled mess. They eventually found someone to get them out of the mess. Well played Bella!

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Mayan Pyramid Bulldozed

Mayan Pyramid BulldozedOh no, one of Belize’s largest Mayan pyramids has been bulldozed so the rocks could be used for road fill . Awkward. The 2,300 year old structure was on private land, but Belizean law states that any pre-Hispanic ruins are under government protection. Criminal charges are expected to  be laid against the construction company. Hmm, so anyone know how to piece together a really friggin old Mayan pyramid?


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So What Do You Think?

OMG, a Spanish pensioner in her 80s decided she’d surprise her priest by attempting to restore a 19th century fresco in the local church. Shame she actually didn’t know how to paint. Check out her seriously blotched DIY job …


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End Of The World Spoiler Alert

Want to know how it’s all going to end? Look away those of  you who are quite happy living in eternal bliss, but for the rest of you, here goes. Some day the sun is going to explode (and by explode, I mean KABOOM) , destroy our neighboring planets and roast the Earth’s surface , leaving us all but a charred memory in the universe. This according to a group of pessimistic astrophysicist bastards. Good news, it won’t be happening anytime soon, so don on your snuggie blankets, pour a glass of champers and watch reruns of Black Adder.

Psst Oi, hang on just one minute, don’t get too comfie, those friggin Mayans might still be right!!!!


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Earth is Solar Flare Proof!!!

Lying bastards!!!!

If by some odd chance the Mayans are right about the end of the world in 2012, be rest assured it won’t be because of a massive solar flare. Well, so says NASA. They are convinced the Earth won’t be burned to a crisp  because the sun isn’t powerful enough to send a mega fireball 93 million miles. Hmm, so it’s back to the drawing board you friggin doomsayers!!!


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Cleaning Lady Scrubs Million Dollar Sculpture

Oh dear, a cleaning lady in Germany is in big doo-dah after she destroyed a sculpture in the Ostwall Museum thinking it was a dirty mess. The sculpture titled When It Starts Dripping From the Ceiling was valued at $1.1 million. The cleaner mistook the  beige layer of paint (representing rain water) on the tower as a  stain so began scrubbing at it until it became nice and shiny. Oh and just to make it a little extra cringe worthy the sculpture was on loan from a private collector. Egads!


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Jesus Statue Struck By Lightning

Oh for the love of god, the 19m Jesus Statue in Ohio has been hit by lightning and burned to the ground. Sheez Ohio, don’t tell friggin Pat Robinson! The King of Kings statue was erected in 2004 at the evangelical Solid Rock Church along Interstate 75 and was nicknamed the Touchdown Jesus because it’s arm were raised like a football referee.




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Everybody Duck!


Can the owner of the car with a multi million dollar space balloon splattered over it please come to the front counter. A NASA space balloon has come to an embarrassing end after it crashed through a fence and onto a car (tipping it over) shortly after taking off in Alice Springs. The balloon and it’s payload are now scattered into a thousand pieces (well, there goes the duct tape suggestion) after springing a leak 26,000m up.No one was injured (except for pride).

Psst Geez, I hope there was nothing important in it ! Another tax right-off!


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Perth Gets Done By A Hail Storm

This morning I was doing my usual pounding of Jacob’s Ladder under a blue sky, tonight it is a twisted mess having succumbed to one of Perth’s worst storms in recent memory. A massive landslide has not only washed part of the ladder (stairs) away but mud has washed into the apartments below creating utter devastation. Dabnabbit! I was hoping to get some shots tonight but police have cordoned off the area. Early this afternoon it was feared people had been trapped in their apartments as a wall of mud engulfed the lower levels in a matter of minutes. Structural engineers are accessing the damage and fear the Apartment building may have to be demolished. All residents are now seeking shelter in the Convention Centre. As for Jacob’s ladder, I am guessing it will be closed for some time.
Oh and for all of you worried about Tree Man, he’s OK, despite the fact he got hit by lightning (sheez, only a flesh wound!). Yes, Richard Pennicuik said “The lightning came down my cable, into my neck, down my right arm and out my leg.” The tree, which has been deemed hazardous, barely lost a leaf in the storm.

Here’s a little of what happened in Perth today….


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OK, Everyone Can Stop Panicking!

We're all good.

Hey Duncan, can I have the money back I lent you? Seems we have a dumbassed scientist among us, who got his calculations a little bit mixed up. Stop panicking people, no friggin exploding supernova is about to blast our ozone layer to kingdom come. As you were.


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