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Bad Kitty

Damn, I know the feeling when you can’t find the start of the toilet roll …


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Hey Boo Boo

My bad?

My bad?

A Florida woman is still wondering how the heck a bear managed to locked itself in her 2003 Toyota Matrix and then proceed to rip it to shreds. The unnamed bear had a yabadabadoo time stripping the seats to the metal, eating the head rests, chewing the steering wheel and scratching the heck out of the headlining before the woman’s father managed to open the door to let it out.

Psst Maybe it got pissed because it couldn’t drive a manual?


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You’re Grounded

Aneesh Shurklas was given £20 by his parents to buy some fish and chips and spend a quiet night with his friends. What they didn’t know was the 16 year old was actually planning a party and he had advertised his plans on Facebook. Hmm, what could possibly go wrong? Lets just say within hours of his parents leaving for a weekend getaway, over 100 piled into the £1million London home. Bottles were thrown, cars defaced, chandeliers were smashed and people were urinating from windows. It took six police cars and two ambulances to restore calm into the street. I am guessing there is a lot of defriending going on both cyber and at home.


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