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Hot Line to Hell

priestThis is not what you want. A Polish priest is being harassed by the devil on his cell phone after a failed exorcism on a girl. Yep, Satan has been texting him nasty little messages via the girl. The priest believes that the devil has possessed her soul and is now taunting him via her phones. Oh yes Loons, he is responding to the texts.

Psst The priest should ask him if it is hot there!


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Devil 1, Mere mortal 0

Man attempts to kill devilOK, one more time people, you can’t “kill the devil” by setting your house alight but you can burn down four houses in your neighborhood. Now you have the devil to pay.

Psst Malaysia


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Obama Lookalike Cast As Satan

Coincidence? Seems many of the 13.1 million viewers of the History Channel’s tv series, The Bible, thought the devil looked remarkably like President Obama. What ya think?

Psst Ironically no one was the slight bit upset that the show represented “Satan” as a black man. Ah, how the times are a changing.

OK, he kinda has his eyes.

OK, he kinda has his eyes.


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The Devil Went Down To Trinidad

OMG, either the students were getting up to devilish mischief at the Morunga Composite School in Trinidad or friggin Satan was messing with them.Teachers and authorities are still baffled as to why 17 girls fell ill then began rolling around on the ground and blabbering in a strange tongue (hmm, and I thought that was pretty normal for teens?) . Anywho, two had to be physically restrained from hurling themselves off a railing. The incident sent Roman Catholic priests flocking to the school to get all exorcismy and spray holy water over them . While some locals believe it to be a student prank others think it has something to do with the school being built on a burial site. How very Poltergeistish.


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The Devil Made Me Do It


OK, this is weird. Eleven people were injured when they jumped from a second story window near Paris after they thought they saw the devil. This is how it unfolded. Thirteen people were sleeping in an apartment (13???) when at around 3am  a stark naked African man got up to tend to his crying baby. One of the occupants thought WTF is that …the devil?….stabbed him in the hand and threw him out. When stark naked African man tried to get back into the apartment everyone panicked thinking the devil was now really pissed, so they all jumped out the window. See, I told you its weird.

Psst I bet they all felt silly the next day!

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The Devil Is In The Detail

Well, well, well, lookie here, if it ain’t the devil on a bathroom tile. Poor Laszlo Csrefko from Budapest spent a friggin fortune renovating his family bathroom only to have his horrified wife come screaming, naked, out of the shower after noticing the devil was perving at her from one of the tiles. Laszlo swears the image of the horned devil wasn’t on the tile when he first laid them. Not only does he claim the image appeared overnight, he also says the bathroom is always ice cold no matter how high they turn up the heat. The family are planning to call in an exorcist and if that fails they are sealing up the room for good.  Come on Loons what ya think devil or delusional?

Psst If that was my bathroom it would be the devil running out screaming…I’m just sayin!


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Manchester United Going To Hell In A Handbag

Well, well, well, seems Muslim Manchester United fans  may have to find a new team to support after a Malaysian cleric declared the football clubs team crest un-Islamic. Nooh Gadot has told supporters not to wear the red jersey as it has  Devil’s emblem as it’s crest (sheez ,took your own sweet time recognizing that!). Gadot said  “Devils are our enemies, why would you put their picture on you and wear it? You are only promoting the devil.” So far there has been no Fatwa against the club , but Manchester United aren’t alone, football shirts of Brazil, Portugal, Barcelona, Serbia and Norway, which carry emblems of the cross, are also off limits.

Psst No probs, just get  “Nanny State” to make the English football team change their team crest.

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Police Taser God

The naked man who said he was God and the Devil had to be tasered by Washington county police after motorists rang 911 complaining he was jumping on passing cars and screaming. Hmm, heroin was found in “God’s” pockets!


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Your Just The Devil In Disguise

OMG, a 101 year old woman in China is growing a friggin devil horn on her forehead. The horn appeared last year and is now 6 cm with a matching horn  beginning to emerge. Needless to say the family in Linlou Village are freaking! Boo!

Psst Wanna see the horn? Click here Devil Woman but be warned it’s a wee frightening?


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