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UK Singer Target in Murder Plot

UK Singer Joss Stone must be thanking her lucky stars that her neighbors are nosy buggers and reported a suspicious vehicle near her house because it seems two men had plans to rob and kill her. When police arrested the men they found in their car, swords , rope and body bag and maps to her secluded house. Oh yeah, that’s a would be murder if there ever was!


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Nessie Takes a Holiday

Oh for goodness sakes people, just let it go.  Seems the Loch Ness monster has gone on a little vacation because it’s been sighted  off the coast of Devon. Yes, a sea creature (looking decidedly like Nessie)  was snapped a few meters off the British coast and if the friggin photo was in focus we might actually see something..sheez! Click here for the supposed sea monster. What do you think loons? Hmm, yeah thought so, back to my wine!


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Square Peg, Round Hole

OK, here’s the thing 238lb wannabe burglar, you ain’t never gonna get through a 2ft hole.Two brothers, Clive and Kelvin Webster, were caught in North Devon after one of them (plump one) got himself stuck in a hole in the wall as they attempted to rob a department store. To make matters worse the hole they made was only 6ft from the burglar alarm.


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A Horse Is Like A Tree

A little word of advice, when sedating a horse make sure it doesn’t fall on you. Firefighters were called into rescue a vet in Devon after the horse she was trying to untangle from a fence fell asleep on her after she sedated it. Horse 1, vet 0.

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Friggin Pheasants

John and Carol Tucker are people living in fear, fear of a vicious friggin pheasant. The nasty bird lies in wait at the front entrance of their home in Branscombe, Devon, ready to launch an assault.The situation has become so bad Mr Tucker has to leave his house via a back window or face being ripped to spreads by the pheasant’s claws and beak. Despite being under siege every day by the testosterone pumping bully bird Mr Tucker refuses to make a meal of him ‘I picked him up and thought “I could just wring your neck”. But as he looked at me with his brown eyes I knew I couldn’t ever do it.’

Psst Dare you not to laugh at this photo… Mr Tucker Vs Friggin Pheasant


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Guard Dog Fail

Let sleeping dogs lie!

You lazy, dumbassed, good for nothing Doberman Alsatian cross guard dog, it wasn’t like you had to do anything but growl and maybe show your teeth. Taz the guard dog is going into retirement in shame after sleeping through a burglary.It happened to be the only time the Dartmouth Arms in Devon had ever been robbed in the 12 years Taz was employed to guard it.Familiarity breeds contempt me thinks. When the owner opened up in the morning he found Taz snoring away and the pub ransacked.In his defense the landlord Mark Keel said “He’s 11 years old now and he’s getting on – getting blind and deaf.”  The pub is now installing an alarm!


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RIP Casper The Commuting Cat

Look away Cat Lady and cat lovers, I have some unhappy news regarding Casper the bus commuting cat from Plymouth. Oh dear, seems he has become road kill. Yes poor Casper, who gained fame by regularly commuting on the #3 service around Devon by himself, has been killed by a hit and run driver. The feline gained worldwide attention after it was discovered he would patiently line up with the other passengers before boarding the bus and then curl up asleep every day.


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Serial Butt Sniffer On The Loose

It better not be one of the Madhatters, I swear! Some dude in Plymouth, Devon has been caught on CCTV sniffing the bums of the Co-op workers. The man can be seen creeping up on several unsuspecting shelf stackers, kneeling down and then taking a big old whiff. Police are treating it as sexual assault.  Wanna see him in action?


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Inconsiderate Driving or Just Friggin Funny?

A Devon man faces prosecution for deliberately driving through a puddle to splash a group of school children waiting for a bus. He would have got away with it had he not posted the whole thing on Youtube. A spokesman for Devon and Cornwall Police said “Deliberately splashing people by driving through a big puddle could mean that the motorist was driving without reasonable consideration for other road users.” Well, that’s one less joy I’ll have next winter! I think this is the incident in question, hard to tell because they removed the driver’s footage from Youtube!


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Could You Leave The Light On Until I Fall Asleep?

Prisoners questioned about service in prisonsOh how sweet, Devon and Cornwall police will be handing out questionnaires to 1,000 prisoners to see if they are happy with the service at the prisons. Oh yes, they will be asked about the food, reading materials and cleanliness for starters.  Hmm, here are some examples of the questions they will be asked …do you feel safe in your cell, is it clean enough, is it too hot or too cold and does it have adequate lighting.Oh bless and the reasoning behind the questionnaire? It is part of a pilot program to see if there are “any areas our service that we can realistically improve”. Blahahahaa Nanny State at it’s very best. Be a love and run me a bath!


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