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Mrs Brady Has Died

clapper-board-2The “lovely lady” Florence Henderson of Brady Bunch fame has passed away at 82. No more stories.

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Stiff Luck

Oh dear, big time awks for the Chinese prostitute whose elderly customer died while they were having sex. Seems she got stuck on his….oh never mind. They both got wheeled out on a hospital stretcher presumably to get it removed. Good luck with that. What a dinner party tale she will have to tell.


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RIP Joe Cocker

yellow-ribbonSinger Joe Cocker passed away today. I hope he gets a good bye with a little help from his friends.


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RIP Pugsley

Ken Weatherwax, the child actor who played Pugsley in the original TV series Addams Family has died. Weatherwax carved out a career behind the scenes following the cancellation of the show. Ken Weatherwax was 59.


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RIP Lauren Bacall

clapper-board-2Another Hollywood legend has passed away. Lauren Bacall died today of a stroke, she was 89.  Bacall was married to another Hollywood legend, Humphrey Bogart who died in 1957.


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Alice Doesn’t Live Here Anymore

Sad news today loons, Alice from the Brady Bunch passed away. Hmm, well at least she won’t have to pick up after those ungrateful kids and lazy mom anymore. Ann B Davis, who had the best lines in the popular sitcom , was 88. In 1960 she even got a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Did you ever get one Marcia? RIP Ann B Davis.


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RIP Helen Thomas

Helen Thomas, the fiesty White House correspondent, has died at 92. Thomas was infamous for grilling presidents and making them squirm but more importantly she was a pioneer for woman in journalism. Love her or loath her she will be sorely missed.


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