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The Beloved Gorilla Koko Passes

Koko the gorilla who could communicate through sign language has died in her sleep at the age of 46. The much-loved gorilla knew over 1000 words and was able to communicate to her carers when she was in pain. When Koko was told of her friend’s passing, Robin Williams, she cried.

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Nuremburg All Over Again

If you weren’t guilty why did you take the poison? A Bosnian war criminal left a UN court room stunned when he downed a small bottle of poison after he failed to over turn his 20 year sentenced . Slobodan Praljak later died in hospital.

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Howard Wolowitz’s Mother Dies

clapper-board-2The actress behind the voice of Howard Wolowitz’s mother, Carol Ann Susi, in the Big Bang Theory has died from an aggressive form of cancer. She was 62.

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Snake Pastor Dies

snake6A reality show pastor, who used deadly snakes in his sermons, has died after he refused medical help after getting bitten. The reason? Well, the Bible says a poisonous snakebite will not harm anyone as long as they are anointed by God’s power. Hmm, that’s like awkward.


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Another Munchkin Over The Rainbow

Sad to announce there are only two munchkins left from the cast of Wizard of Oz, following the death Margaret Pellegrini yesterday . RIP Margaret Pellegrini. Follow that yellow brick road.


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Dennis Farina Dies

Hollywood legend Dennis Farina has died from a blood clot in his lung. Farina appeared in films including “Get Shorty,” ”Saving Private Ryan” and “Midnight Run.” and also on TV including Det. Joe Fontana on “Law & Order.”


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Beware The Beaver

If you think beavers are just cute , dam making, semi aquatic rodents, you are sorely mistaken. They are vicious,  man killing machines. Well, they are in Belarus. Some poor dude was simply trying to take a photo of a beaver while he was fishing with mates when he was pounced upon by the buck toothed beast and then bitten on the thigh. The bite was hard enough to sever a main artery and now the man’s dead. How awkward is that funeral going to be?


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Cool Hand Luke Fail

Man dies eating 28 raw eggsA Tunisian man died after swallowing 28 raw eggs in one go. The 20 year old had made a bet with his mate but after downing the eggs he began experiencing stomach pains and died on the way to the hospital. Should have boiled them.


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Iron Butterfly Bassist Dies

The bassist for Iron Butterfly (the psychedelic rock band of the 60s), Lee Dorman, has died. Dorman , who was 70, was found sitting in his car.


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Puppeteer Jerry Nelson Departs

Sad to report that puppeteer Jerry Nelson has died. OK, you are probably thinking who? Jerry was the voice of Sesame Street’s Count von Count. RIP Jerry Nelson.


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