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Dingoes Are Gangsta

A dingo stole my handbag

A dingo stole my handbag

After the bad rap dingoes got for taking babies, they have know refocused and are stealing handbags instead. A British woman was minding her own beeswax on a beach in NSW when a dingo sided up to her and grabbed her handbag before running off into the bush. His haul netted him thousands of dollars worth of jewellery and cash. Local rangers later shot the dingo dead but not before he had managed to hide his stash. Seems he was notorious for stealing personal property from caravan parks in the area. Good luck with your insurance claim lady.


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A Dingo Took My Sleeping Bag

I was cold!!!!

A teenage girl woke up to discover  she was being dragged  from her family caravan by a dingo. The dingo had latched onto her  sleeping bag and was pulling her into the night. Hmm, my advice is, sleep with one eye open and the caravan door closed when camping in the Northern Territory.

Psst Gee, if you thought Lindy had a hard time convincing people a dingo took her baby imagine this family…a dingo took my 13 year old and her sleeping bag!!!!


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It’s official, the DINGO took the baby

OK, you finally got me!!!

A coroner has finally put to rest the death of baby Azaria at Uluru in 1980. The dingo did it. Yep, it’s official, the death certificate of Azaria Chamberlain can now be changed. Lindy Chamberlain (now Chamberlain-Creighton) who was originally jailed for the baby’s murder and ex hubby Michael Chamberlain, who was charged as being an accessory after the fact, were both exonerated after a royal commission in 1987. However, the cause of Azaria’s death was never officially determined . Now at least there is finally some closure.

Background – In 1980, while the Chamberlains  were staying  at a popular camping ground at Uluru, a dingo crept into the tent where baby Azaria and her two brothers were sleeping and dragged the 9 week old out by its jacket. Lindy cried out that a “dingo’s got my baby”. Despite an extensive search no trace of Azaria was ever found except for a torn baby’s jacket. Suspicion soon turned to the Chamberlains and they were later sent to trial and found guilty of Azaria’s murder. The pair were later exonerated after Lindy served several years in jail. The case divided the nation.


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