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Penchant for Pot NOT a Disability

court says penchant for pot not a disabilityOh for crying out loud mister, you can not, and I repeat can not, use the excuse that your penchant for pot is a disability as a reason to be reinstated after you got fired from your Ottawa City job for buying marijuana while in your work car . The dude took Ottawa City to court claiming they were “obliged to accommodate him under the Ontario Human Rights Code because his penchant for pot qualified as a disability.” The court basically said yeah, NO. Hmm, his resume is going to suck now.

Psst The doctor assigned to assessed the guy said his claims of having a disability were based on “self-diagnoses”.


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Over Staying Your Welcome Much?

Dude, get a job!

Oh my, Alkis Gerd’son has been living on the University of Victoria campus since 1991. Problem is he hasn’t completed a course since 1997. Gerd’son has become a permanent resident on campus despite attempts to assist him getting housing elsewhere. Gerd’son is arguing he is being persecuted because he has a disability (undisclosed)  and has filed a complaint with the B.C. Human Rights Tribunal.  The Uni just wants him to go and live a fruitful life somewhere else so students who need accommodation can have his room.


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