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Brothel For The Disabled

Madam to open world's first brothel for disabledA retired British madam is returning to work so she can open the world’s first brothel for disabled people. The brothel will include ramps and hoists for wheelchair access and employ sex workers and carers to assist their needs. Becky Adams says the brothel will operate on a strictly not-for-profit basis and will “educate and facilitate disabled people in their sexuality, with third parties acting as aides, performing functions disabled clients themselves cannot”.


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Gay Hazard

Lordie, lordie, lordie, two disabled gay men were told they weren’t allowed to swim at a public pool and recreation center in Hazard , Kentucky,  because the Bible said so.  Yep, one of the staff told them that according to the Bible, gay people weren’t allowed to swim  in their public pool. The two distraught and confused men eventually left in tears. Hmm, it gets worse, city officials are refusing to change their anti-gay laws. Sheez, I hope they gave them cooties!


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Hazards of Smoking

Oh my, a wheelchair bound man with a penchant for smoking has accidentally set himself and the neighborhood  on fire.Here’s how it happened. The Florida man was smoking a ciggie in a vacant lot with lots of grass when he  thought he had extinguished it. Hmm,  apparently not, because when he threw it into the brush …kaboom…the  whole place was on fire including him and his wheelchair. When firefighters arrived the man was nowhere in sight but was later found severely burned in his wheelchair.


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A Case of The Giggles

Oh dear, how to end your career in one fatal interview…..

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