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Hey Honey, Why Are You Glowing?

If you are living in St Louis County, Missouri I don’t want to be alarmist but you might want to pack your bags and run. Seems there is a little issue with a slow burning underground fire and a shit load of Cold War-era nuclear waste. Authorities believe if the two should meet …kaboom… a catastrophic event right there. And by “event” I mean a big old plume of radioactive smoke wafting over the area. Seems authorities have been aware of this potential disaster for over 5 years when the underground fire at one of the landfills first started. Prob is, it is right next to another landfill which is contaminated with radioactive waste from uranium processing that was dumped there in the 1970s. It includes material used to create the first atomic bomb. Oh yay. Currently the fire and nuclear waste are about 365 metres from each other. Good luck with that.


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Albert’s In The Doghouse

Egads, did anyone watch the sad, sad, fairytale horror film  that was Prince Albert of Monaco’s wedding? The bride was in tears and her groom had a face like thunder. It was worse than awkward. Rumor has it Charlene had discovered just prior to the nuptials that Albert had been screwing around during their engagement and may have got the other woman preggers. Good grief!  How many friggin DNA tests can a prince be force to take for goodness sakes? Anywho, seems poor Charlene tried to bolt several times before the wedding but was foiled each time by Monaco minders. You see Albert needs an heir quick smart or he won’t have anyone to succeed him.Hmm, seems his 4 2 illegitimate kiddies don’t count!  So Charlene was the lucky soul assigned to producing the offspring. But now that she is really, really, pissed off with him I don’t think there will be no  pitter patter of tiny little feet  anytime soon unless they go IVF. Oh and don’t be thinking she could be wooed out of her disgust by spending their honeymoon at the $3,400 a night presidential suite at the luxury Oyster Box Hotel in South Africa. Nope, seems they scrapped that plan. Charlene downsized to a cheaper room and Albert packed his bags and headed to the Hilton 16kms down the road. Welcome to married life Albert!



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Made In India

An Indian space rocket carrying an advanced communication satellite was intentionally kaboomed 47 seconds after lift-off because it veered off course. Hmm, and whats more, the whole friggin disaster was captured on live TV, awkward.

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New Zealand Mine Disaster

Just as the world was coming down from the Chilean Miner rescue high, 29 mine workers are believed trapped in Pike River coal mine in New Zealand following an explosion . Rescue efforts have yet to begin due to the series of health and safety procedures required. Among the missing are New Zealand, Australian, British and South African workers. Two men managed to reach the surface safely following the kaboom. They said there were three more men on their way out, but so far there has been no sign of them. For one of the missing miners, Pete Rodgers, this will be the second time he’s been trapped in a mine . Three months ago he was rescued after being trapped for 8 hours. Thoughts and prayers.

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Is That Skateboard Large or Are The People Just Small?

Friggin boys and their toys. Want to see the biggest friggin skateboard in the world? Want to see it crash? Sure you do ….

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Straight To DVD

Oh dear god, the latest Uma Thurman film “Motherhood” should have just been called “Mother” after is spectacularly flopped in the UK. Oh and when I say spectacularly, I really mean it. The film made $150 (£88) in it’s opening weekend with just one person seeing it on the Sunday. The reason for this embarrassing result is being blamed on producers who decided to limit the film’s release to just one cinema in the hope of creating a buzz. Yeah, a buzz alright! Last year the $5.5 million movie grossed around $100,000 in the US, there’s no friggin buzz. An epic fail which is usually reserved for Nicole Kidman movies…shame!

Psst Save yourself the effort and just watch the trailer ….


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Always An Idiot Never A Groom!

Owned by a windmill, could it get any worse?


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And You Paid For The Paint!

Calgary skate park nightmareHere’s the thing city council people, if you supply a bunch of graffiti artists with spray paint to decorate a skatepark and then cancel the mural project after two days, expect the worst. The city of Calgary have a clean up bill from hell after so called graffiti artists wreaked havoc (with paint) when their project was ditched. They tagged, scribbled and vandalized on anything that had a surface. Swear words and obsene slogans were the main feature of their work.  While people argue over why these “artists” were left unsupervised, the estimated clean up bill is expected to be around $60,000. Brilliant!


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