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No Honey, That’s Not A Phillips Screwdriver!

Sheez, after all these years someone has found 150  gynecological and surgical instruments used in the Auschwitz death camp.Yep, remember the Nazi gynecologist Carl Clauberg? No? Well anywho, they are his! He was known for his evil experiments on women at the Nazi death camp including mass sterilization. Hmm, the spokesman for the Auschwitz Museum said “This is one of the greatest discoveries in recent years,” Ewh! The instruments were found in a house located near Auschwitz.


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Tinkling The Ivory

I don’t know loons, it seems to be a week for famous piano discoveries. In Massachusetts a psychic has lead diver’s to Babe Ruth’s piano (or what’s left of it) at the bottom of Willis Pond where it was rumored  he had tossed it during one of his infamous parties.Meanwhile the world is abuzz with what could be the discovery of a  piano played by  Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart in Germany. When the 1775  fortepiano built by Christian Baumann came up for auction, a music historian had a sneaky suspicion it was the long lost piano Mozart played during his stays in Strasbourg. If the piano can be  matched to an historical oil painting, well then, hello millions!

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So That’s Why They Call It Skunkweed!

Serving Arizona all right!

Dude, this shit tastes like shit. I don’t know whose smart idea it was to hide 700lbs of marijuana in a septic tank but it was an epic fail. The septic truck was scooting  along a  highway in Tubac , Arizona when a cop noticed the truck had invalid license places. Goodness knows what possessed him to check the holding tank, but there he found friggin bales upon bales of weed worth about $400,000. Leonard Salcido, the truck driver is now spending his sorry assed time in the Santa Cruz County Jail thinking about where it all went wrong.


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