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Moccasin Discrimination

Oh for goodness sakes how bad can moccasins be? A woman is taking her grievance about a Vancouver nightclub to the British Colombia Human Rights Tribunal after the courts dismissed her case. She is claiming the Roxy Club denied her entry because she was wearing moccasins.OK, yes, she was an Aboriginal but the owners claim it wasn’t discrimination, she was carrying a golf club. The woman is also claiming the doorman punched her in the jaw and called her a prostitute. Hmm, I can see why the courts wanted to handball this one!

Want sauce with that?


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Hobbits Are Light Skinned

Hobbits eh bro?

Holy Hobbit racism row Batman. Attention little people auditioning for The Hobbit in New Zealand, no dark skinned women need apply! Hobbits are friggin light skinned OK!!!! Seems the casting agent for the Peter Jackson film has got his ass asked well and truly kicked for placing an ad in a newspaper which requested extras with “light skin tones”. Oh boy, seems a British Pakistani women, who was told she wasn’t white enough, is now friggin pissed and screaming racism. Hmm, way to get yourself a part in the movie!

Psst WTF is a hobbit?


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Discrimination Barbie

Maybe girls don't like blue tutus?

Is it racist to sell the black Barbies cheaper than the white Barbies? A Walmart store has opened a can of worms after selling Ballerina Theresa at half the price of Ballerina Barbie despite the fact they are identical except for the color! A Walmart spokeswoman said they were just clearing shelf space for the new spring collection. Oh and maybe, just maybe Ballerina Theresa wasn’t selling so well? Blahahahaha, thanks Walmart now every friggin psychologist, equal rights, discrimination and civil libertarian group on the planet is adding their two cents worth. Damn you Caucasian Barbie!

Psst Maybe it’s because the name “Ballerina Theresa” sucks?


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Hi Ho, Hi Ho It’s Off To Work We Go!

So who's laughing at us  now ?

So who's laughing at us now ?

OMG. No really, OMG. A  group of pissed off Chinese dwarves, who had it up to here (or a little bit lower) with being bullied and discriminated against by the non vertically challenged, have turned themselves into a tourist attraction. No I swear, it’s true. The 120 residents of a private mountain commune in Kunming, who banned anyone over 4ft 3 ” from entering, have had a change of heart.They have turned their village into a friggin theme park, which includes mushroom houses and the little people dressed up like fairies. Hmm, nothing like perpetuating the myth. Good luck with that!

Psst I know where you can get a nice log cabin on wheels!

2nd Psst Wanna see them? Check out the photo at The Sun.


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