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People of 911

One more time people, please don’t be ringing 911 to brag about your big muscles…oh and don’t be asking the dispatcher out on a date either. This is really important …the police know how to trace your calls and they will hunt you down, take away your cold beers and drag your dumbass down to the station. Just saying.

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Nurse Refuses To Perform CPR

An elderly woman died after a nurse at an aged care facility in California refused to perform CPR on an elderly patient despite a frantic 911 dispatcher pleading with her. Reason? Against the facility’s policy. She wouldn’t even pass the phone to someone willing to do it. Hmm, I wonder if it was a fellow nurse or staff member who had collapsed would she have been so callous? OK, I understand that some people sign a “do not resusitate” document when they enter such facilities but then why ring 911?   They obviously thought she could be saved. And anywho, even if the woman hadn’t have survived CPR  as a nurse you would think she would have at least TRIED. Humanity has gone to hell in a handbag.


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Five Year Old In Cardiac Arrest Turns Out To Be a Friggin Cat!

OK people, one more time, 000, 999 and 911 are for “human” emergencies ONLY. British ambulance officers were stunned when they raced to an emergency call to save a “five year old” in cardiac arrest, only to discover the patient was a friggin cat. OK, sure, a much loved cat, but a friggin cat. The dispatcher received the call from a distressed couple who were begging for someone to revive their 5 year old. Not only was an ambulance called but also a rapid reponse car. When they arrived they found the couple in tears cradling their moggy (which later died). One of the paramedics was heard muttering “I’ve gone to some silly calls but nothing like this. I can’t understand why they didn’t try to call a vet.”


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911 On Tap

I didn’t know you could ring 911 to get beer delivered? Hmm, evidently not. Raymond Roberge got arrested after he rang 911 three times on a Sunday asking for someone to go pick him up some beer and drop it off at his place. Seems the sale of alcohol is banned in Connecticut on Sunday and he was desperate.

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Can I Take The Rest Of The Day Off?

How sad is this, an elderly man from Colorado Springs rang 911 to report a suicide then asked the dispatcher to “hold your ears” before pulling the trigger. When police rushed to the man’s home they found his body along with several notes listing funeral and property arrangements. I’m kinda feeling sorry for the dispatcher.


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Wait There’s More

Man rings 911 asking for sexAnd if you thought this was the end of the dumbass 911 calls of the week, you would be wrong. Introducing Joshua Basso whose prepaid cell phone ran out of call time leaving only one number free to use – 911. So anywho he uses it to ask the dispatcher if anyone would have sex with him (Come on, surely someone could volunteer?) . After the operator hung up on him he rang back 4 more times with same request (OK, a bit pushy!). Yep, you know the routine police rock up at Basso’s place and arrest him. See ya, don’t want to be ya.

Psst Well at least he’ll get his wish where he’s going.

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