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Contested Waters And The Missing Malaysian Airline

sherlock 2China and Vietnam are currently involved in a serious dispute over  contested South China Sea waters which Washington fears may escalate into full out war. Now call me crazy, but didn’t the Mayalsian Airlines disappear immediately after  flying into Vietnamese airspace? I certainly hope the plane was not shot down by the Vietnamese and this on going search is just a ruse to avoid an international incident and another potential war.  I still harp back to that oil rig guy who saw an explosion in the air around the time the plane went missing.


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McDouble Trouble

Man jailed for ringing 911  over Mcdonalds disputeYou go to McDonalds and order 7 McDoubles but when you get to your truck and discover you only have 6 what do you do? Well, most people would just roll their eyes and mutter dumbasses, but not our dude in Georgia. He confronted the staff who in turn gave him “attitude” so he dialled 911 on them. Oh yes he did. Hmm, unfortunately instead of the police reprimanding the staff for their inability to count, the cops threw him jail overnight for misusing the emergency number. Oh for crying out loud, the dude just wanted “to be treated like a person with respect.”


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It’s The Season To Be Jolly

A woman in Denham Springs decided that Christmas time was the perfect time to get back at her neighbor. So up she went on her roof and deliberately layed out her Christmas lights to look like a hand flipping the bird. Fa Lalalala Lala La La ….


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Dog Poop Dispute Turns Deadly

OK, one more time people, you do not shoot your neighbor dead after he complains about your dogs shitting all over the neighborhood. I’m just saying.

Want sauce with that?


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Holy PS3 Console Row Batman

My life is over

Playstation3 gamers living in the Netherlands might want to hide their consoles pretty quick smart. Seems the South Korean company LG (Life’s Good) are on the rampage and have ordered the seizure of all PS3 consoles, including those already purchased, thanks to an alleged Blu Ray patent infringement by Sony. Life not so good! Seems Sony infringed a number of patents relating to the playback of  Blu-ray discs on the console. Authorities have already seized thousands of PS3 and warn no one is safe from confiscation in the Netherlands.Not the Sony!

Want sauce with that?


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Weed Whacker vs Bucket of Water

Oh for the love of god, not the friggin weed whacker! A 20 year hate feast between two neighbors in Hesse, Germany, got ugly when one of the elderly men attacked the other with a weed whacker (aka whipper snipper). It all started when one of the men decided to trim his lawn with the weed whacker, disturbing the other man. So pissed off, he grabbed a bucket of water and threw it over him. That’s when the weed whacking dude turned on him with his gardening tool, ripping him to shreds. The fight ended after the victims wife broke it up, but the man had to be flown to hospital via helicopter with multiple flesh wounds and severe damage to his knees. The weed whacking villain was arrested and may be charged with attempted homicide. No word on whether he finished trimming his grass!

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The Problem With Cryonics

Oh dear, a fight is brewing over the head of Mary Robbins who died earlier this month. In one corner we have the Alcor Life Extension Foundation of Scottsdale, in Arizona who want her head and brain (oh and $50,000 annuity) to cryogenically preserve as per the documents she signed in 2006 . However, in the other corner we have Mrs Robbin’s daughter who says her mother changed her mind about having her head separated from her body and frozen. Darlene Robbins says all she wants is closure and her mom’s whole body to bury, not minus a head. Alcor Life Extension Foundation say they just want to follow their clients wishes and only want her head. Currently the body of the 71 year old is being stored in dry ice at a Colorado mortuary until custody of the body bits can be settled.

Psst Geez, why would anyone want to come back as a head?


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