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OK, deal with this info anyway you see fit. Researchers have studied Ozzy Osbourne’s DNA using  state-of-the-art testing  and have found he’s a descendant of a Neanderthal man. Ozzy has long believed his survival, despite his excessive drug and alcohol abuse, is a result of his genetics. Tada! Hmm, at least he walks erect (kind of)!

Psst Ozzy is also related to Jesse James, tsar Nicholas II and King George I.


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Check Mate

Remember Bobby Fischer? Nope? Oh well,he’s was the ridiculously brilliant chess champ who ended up becoming a recluse for about 20 years, ditched as an American citizen and received with open arms by Iceland.Well anywho, it seems he may have left a legacy after his death. A Filipino woman says Bobby Fischer is the father of her 9 year old daughter, Jinky Young. And whats more she has won the right to have his body exhumed and DNA tested to prove her claim. Several other people are also contesting his estate including a wife, two Us nephews and the US government. Good luck with that. Fischer is buried at the Laugardaelir Church cemetery in southern Iceland.


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