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What is worse than fake news?

Fake doctor!!! Of all things sacred a man in Australia has pretended to be a doctor, not for one year or two years, but 11 years. Evidently the man had been treating patients in Australian hospitals and emergency departments after having stolen a passport , medical qualifications and citizenship from a real doctor in India. Hmm, so much for our country’s checks and balances. The fake doc has since fled Australia and is nowhere to be found.

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Should Have Had An Apple A Day

wolf in sheeps


Everything was going well at the funeral of a young Romanian doctor until word spread that he had died of AIDS. Enter hysteria. The funeral was attended by the dozens of women he had slept with but who had no idea he was HIV positive. Yep,needless to say that funeral went from sympathy to anger in a very short time. The following day there was an enormous line of over 40 women waiting to be tested. So far two have been confirmed.


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What the Hell Is Ghetto Body?

Doctor tells patient she has ghetto bodyGuess who’s in big doo dah? The Dr who told a patient that the reason for her back pain was due to “Ghetto body”. Uh huh, you heard me, ghetto body. When she complained about the insensitive diagnosis the doctor responded with “I was trying to take a technical conversation regarding your lower back and make it less technical.” Hmm, way to paint yourself back into a corner mister. It kinda gets worse.  When word got out about his ghetto remark he said “What I was trying to explain to that patient is that she has lumbar lordosis, which is a fancy name for the curve of the lower spine that makes the buttocks protrude more.”  Shut the hell up mister.


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Patient Not That Soft

A top erectile dysfunction doc has been shot dead by his patient.


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Sex Toy Therapy for Anorexics

Trust me, I'm a doctor!

Attention all anorexic girls, if your doctor asks to take photos of you using sex toys as part of your therapy to make you feel good about yourself…run!!!!! A Danish doctor told the court the photos police found on his computer were part of his “alternative” therapy for people suffering from eating disorders “Anorexic patients, generally speaking, have a hard time accepting how they look naked. That’s why I took a number of photographs of genitalia to get them adjusted to seeing them,” Hmm, I wonder what  is the ‘alternative’ treatment for a sicko is? Police found over 600 nude photos on his computer. During the case the doctor tried to diss one of the victims who was  testifying against him   “She’s saying it to get attention. She has previously cut herself as a form of self-abuse.” The good old doc made some of the girls sign contracts allowing him to take the images. Dear god, it’s enough to make you eat!

Want sauce with that?



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Dead Body On Roof

OK, here’s the thing minivan driver in Kansas, when you hit a man with your vehicle it’s courtesy to stop, NOT continue driving with the dead man on your roof. I’m just saying!  It is alleged Mohamed Sarrafizadeh hit the lawn mowing contractor as he was using a weed wacker along a street. The impact sent the victim flying onto the windshield and then up onto roof which had a luggage rack on top. Horrified motorists contacted police when they saw the body.  Sarrafizadeh was charged with leaving the scene of an accident.

Psst It’s now been confirmed the man driving the van was a doctor!


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On The Bright Side It’s A Beautiful Baby Boy!

Oh shit!

Oh dear god, what’s worse than having a  baby by caesarean? A Tel Aviv doctor accidentally setting you on fire while having one! It all started when the woman was dabbed with an alcohol solution before and during the procedure.  When the surgeon cranked up his diathermic needle, which uses an electric current …..kaboom…the poor woman was engulfed in flames. No worries. After the fire was put out  and the woman bandaged, the surgeon continued with the Caesarian. Atta boy. Anywho, after the birth the woman received skin grafts to her butt and thighs and had to have extensive plastic surgery.



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The Old Taste Test

Show me your tits!

OK, here’s the thing Finnish women, if your doctor says he needs to suck your nipple to diagnose your ailment it’s probably just some old midwives trick! Sheez, a woman in Finland went to see a doc about fluid seeping from her nipple. He then, after having asked her permission,  placed one of her nipples in his mouth and sucked to taste the fluid. He claims it was an old midwives trick, she claims it was sexual molestation.


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What Was She Thinking?

A female doctor was found decomposing in a chimney after she tried to get into her ex’s house by sliding feet first down the flue. Evidently when Dr. Jacquelyn Kotarac tried unsuccessfully to break into his house she climbed on the roof and did a Santa Claus (rather poorly I might add). It was three days before her body was found.


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Expert Does A Backflip on Lockerbie Bomber’s Health

Did the Scottish Government lie?

Remember the cancer expert who declared that the Lockerbie bomber, Abdelbaset Al Megrahi, only had three months to live and recommended he be released on compassionate grounds? Yeah well, the good doc, Mr Karol Sikora, is reportedly  now saying Megrahi could realistically live for another decade or even more, now that he is receiving the best treatment in Libya!!!!! Needless to say the victims families are friggin furious and are even more convinced than ever that his release was due to a major UK oil deal and not because of any compassionate grounds. It doesn’t help that the Scottish government refuse to release Megrahi’s full medical reports, adding fuel to the speculation that the public had been deliberately deceived.


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