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Most Painful Ride Home EVER

doctor_rushing_patient_on_gurney_lg_whtDude where’s your penis? A man in China, who cut his penis off  because he thought he would never find love ,  forgot to bring it with him to the hospital when he had second thoughts. Awkward. What makes this story even worse was the mean docs at the hospital told him to get back on his bicycle and ride home to get it. By the time he returned they said it was too late to save it. Hmm, how accurate is the Daily Star reporting, just saying?

Want sauce with that?


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Sleep With One Eye Open

You know what I hate? When doctors are about to remove a dead woman’s organs and she suddenly opens her eyes. I would really friggin hate that! The woman, who had been admitted to a New York hospital following a drug overdose,  was pronounced brain dead by doctors and sent to have her organs harvest. This, despite signs she was only in a coma. Eyebrows were raised even higher when it was discovered the doctors gave her sedatives before the removal began. A practice not performed on a brain dead patient. The woman didn’t sue the hospital as she was severely depressed and later committed suicide.


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Guess what this is?

Give up? Ah, you will never guess. The image is a scan of a man’s scrotum. Yep, you see the face too huh? When the man from Canada began complaining about severe pain in his testicles, doctors ordered a scan and viola, they found a tumor with what looks like a face  “screaming in pain”. The face, the growth and the testicle were all later removed.


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I’m sorry but a taser, pepper spray and a baton ain’t gonna calm a man who has a mouse up his butt, I’m just saying. A naked Noah Smith broke into a house in Seneca and began going ballistic. When police arrived he  tried to bite, slap and kick them, so they zapped, sprayed and whacked him. Later at the hospital x-rays revealed he had a mouse lodged in his rectum. Smith told the docs he didn’t have a clue how the rodent got there. Hmm, the Gere excuse.


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Honey, Get Back To Painting The Friggin Nursery !

Doesn't seem to be moving

You know what I hate? When  a baby is declared dead by doctors and then can be heard crying from the coffin during her wake. I really friggin hate that. The parents were shocked when they lifted the lid on the little coffin, after hearing a muffled noise, to see their snowflake crying her little heart out. Hidalgo state Attorney General has announced the doctors could be in big friggin trouble.


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It Sounds All a Bit Fishy To Me!

Slippery little bugger isn't it!

Hmm, a 14 year old Indian boy has baffled doctors after they discovered a 2cm fish in his penis. The boy was taken to hospital after he suffered severe pain and began dribbling urine. He told the medical staff that the fish had slipped into his penis while he was cleaning his aquarium. Uhuh, a likely story!!! He later explained he was cleaning the tank and holding the the fish in his hand when he needed to go to the toilet. As he was taking a pee the fish slipped from his hand and straight up his urethra.You really don’t want to know how they eventually removed the fish but it involved a ureteroscope and a steady hand!


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Doctors Fail to Notice Toilet Brush Handle In Woman’s Bottom

OMG, imagine having a 15cm toilet brush handle embedded in your bum for 4 years. Worse still, imagine dying because doctors failed to take you seriously. Cindy Corton was drunk when she fell on the toilet brush in her friend’s bathroom in 2005. She took herself off to the hospital to have X-Rays but the doctors failed to notice the thin serrated handle stuck in her bottom. In 2007, after immense agony, Cindy finally convinced doctors there was a object in her bum. Unfortunately, by that stage the handle had become embedded in her pelvis making any  attempt at removing it dangerous. Cindy died in 2009 after she underwent a third surgery to have it removed.Needless to say Cindy’s husband Peter is taking legal action against United Lincolnshire Hospitals Trust.


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Cape Fear Alright

Oh shit!

OMG, doctors and interns at the Cape Fear Valley Medical Center are in big doo dah after they tried to induce labor on a patient and when that failed they gave her a cesarian only to discover out she wasn’t pregnant. Whoopsie! Oh dear and to make matter worse it was an intern who made the original diagnosis.  Not to worry, doctors have been sent letters of concern. You can read more about the farce here.


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