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How To Catch A Somali Pirate

Somali pirate chief arrested in BrusselsWant to know the easiest way to catch a notorious Somali pirate chief ? Well, you pretend you’re a Belgium film crew wanting to do a doco on his life and organise him and his accomplice to fly into Brussels to sign the movie contract.  Mohamed Abdi Hassan, AKA  “Big Mouth” and partner in crime Mohamed Aden “Tiiceey” are now sitting in a cell in Belgium facing kidnapping, piracy and organised crime charges after being lured out of Nairobi by a movie deal . In 2009 the pair allegedly hijacked a Belgian ship, the Pompei, and held it for 70 days. Big Mouth is believed to be one of the head honchos in the Somali piracy business.


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TWA 800 Cover Up

Remember that horrendeous 1996 TWA 800 air crash disaster where the plane exploded shorty after takeoff from New York, killing all 230 people on board? Remember all the rumors that it was accidentally shot down by the navy, who were doing training in the area, or a terrorist? Remember the eyewitnesses who said they saw a light shooting up from the ocean? Hmm, yeah, well it seems those rumors could be true despite the fact that the National Transportation Safety Board, with the aid of the CIA and the FBI, determined the fatal crash was caused by a spark from faulty wiring. Evidently a new doco has new evidence to suggest a missile hit the right wing and the whole thing was a whopping cover-up. Six former investigators, who broke their silence over the cover-up, have filed a petition to have the case reopened.


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Meet The Fokkens

These women are the oldest twin prostitutes in the world. At 69 (excuse the pun) the women are still doing it for themselves. OK, Louise retired two years ago due to arthritis and the fact she could no longer get her leg over…oh never mind. Anywho the Dutch women are now starring in a documentary about their  life.


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Fergie Faces Jail Time

Fergie (Duchess of York) is in big doodah again, and this time she could spent 22 years in the slammer. Seems Turkish authorities aren’t too pleased with her 2008 documentary where she went undercover to expose the appalling abuse of children in an Ankara orphanage. Fergie is accused of going  “against the law in acquiring footage and violating privacy” of five children.  She better hope their isn’t an extradition treaty with Britain because she might have more than her toe sucked in a Turkish prisons.


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Oscar Nominated Photojournalist Killed in Libya


If you watched the Academy Awards this year you would have seen the name Tim Hetherington nominated for an Oscar for  the documentary Restrepo. Sadly the 41 year old photojournalist and director was killed last night during a mortar attack in Libya.US photojournalist Chris Hondros and British journalist Guy Martin were also seriously injured in the attack. It is believed the group were on a Tripoli street when a rocket-propelled grenade exploded.


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OK, I’m sorry, I’ve got to say it….Casey Affleck you are a friggin idiot. Phew, there I said it. Friggin smug  fool has just announced that the documentary about Joaquin Phoenix’s meltdown, “I’m Still Here” was a hoax. No shit Sherlock. Hello, do you think we are that stupid? We already friggin knew that! For crying out loud for the last year every friggin Hollywood gossip site and magazine has been reporting that Joaquin’s weird behavior is fake . I even outta ya. You missed the mockumentary boat, it sailed in 2004. OK, I know you are brothers-in-law and all, but really, this is some kind of awkward. I just hope this doesn’t ruin Phoenix’s career! Yours, I’m not all that worried about!


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Writer’s On The Wall

What happens when University students discover a BBC reporter is secretly gathering info about them for a documentary  called “Shamebridge”. Gaffer tape the bastard to a wall, that’s what! Lizo Mzimba, you should have known better! Students 1, Lizo Mzimba 0.


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