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Here Doggy Doggy

To anyone who thinks cats are better than dogs bwahahahahahaha. Watch what kitty does when his master, a little autistic boy,  gets attacked by a dog ……



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Dog Day Afternoon

Egads, remember that Denver news anchor who got her face bit when she leaned in to kiss a recently rescued Argentine mastiff? Yeah well, about that, it seems she has had to have her mouth stitched shut to allow the skin graft to take and get the blood circulating back through her lips. Oooh ouch! Did I mention 70 stitches ?


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Granny Knows Best

It's only a flesh wound!

OK, here’s the thing granny, when your 10 year old grandchild gets mauled by a pitbull you take her to hospital and do not try to treat her yourself. Shannon Plankenhorn allegedly heard the child scream and when she went to see what the commotion was about found the girl on the ground writhing in pain, so told her to “get up” and go inside. The child had puncture wounds to the neck, shoulder, arms, waist and leg. But no worries, granny said she had a background in medicine so treated the wounds herself. Hmm, teachers pretty much freaked when the girl limped to school a week later. Child welfare removed the girl from granny, pending an investigation.


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