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A Dog Is Il’s Best Friend

How much does Kim Jong Il spend on dog food each year? Hows about $191,400. I bet the 6 million starving North Koreans are absolutely thrilled.


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Darn Sight Better Than Junk Food

Easy mistake

OMG, say it aint so, a volunteer at a CLEARWATER (hello, Lynn) food bank in Florida, gave a can labeled “Senior Holistic Superfood” to a elderly man, not realizing it was friggin dog food. Whoops, my bad? The volunteer handed the can, which read  “glucosamine, beta carotene, vitamins and anti-oxidants for sharp vision, strong Immune System, joint health.” to retired Air Force veteran Frank Viscido after he asked for healthy products to eat.Hmm, might have been wiser to have read the front label first which said for “healthy skin and coat”!


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