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One More Time

OK Loons, one more time, do not, and I repeat, do not put peanut butter on your crotch when in the room with a bulldog. Unless of course, you don’t want your penis or testicles. Apparently, the dog ate the man’s genitals and left him bleeding on the floor.

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The Woes of Buying A Puppy At A Pet Store

A Chinese woman was so happy when she brought home a beautiful fluffy white Japanese Spitz puppy from a local pet store. She loved the little pooch but became worried that the dogs in the park were always scared of it. Then, when the puppy was three months old it stopped eating dog food, its nose became pointy and its tail grew very long. People began telling her pooch wasn’t a Japanese Spitz. In desperation, she took her dog to the local zoo and they identified her dog as a white fox. Sleep with one eye open, lady!


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Doggone It

What does an impatient dog do when his owner is taking his own sweet time getting back to the car?


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Doggone it Dad

An Australia golden retriever wasn’t about to go anywhere when there were so many more trees to sniff…


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Chasing Their Tails

When 800 cut cat and dog tails appeared around a Brazilian town, it wasn’t surprising everyone dashed off to check their pets but apparently no animals have been reported missing. The dog and cat tails have been appearing all over the town and has left authorities baffled. The markings, where the tails have been cut, indicate a machine was used to cut off them off. Town folk are worried someone maybe passing off dead cat and dog as food  in the stalls set up during their major festival.


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Dog Takes Words Right Out Of His Mouth

Pooch upstages snowflake to get food.


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How To Teach An Old Dog New Tricks


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Dog Gone

Attention upstate New Yorkers, there is someone in your neighbourhood collecting dog  brains . Yes, you heard me BRAINS. Might want to do a head count of your pooches. Nine of the brains were found lying near the Gouverneur railway tracks. A local vet confirmed the brains had been carefully removed and had been preserved in formaldehyde. That is a bucketful of creepy right there.


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Dog Surrenders

When Brazilian police  busted a drug ring and demanded everybody get down, they weren’t expecting a suspect’s dog to follow suit. The well behaved dog had been barking at the police until everyone was ordered down. When the pooch saw his owner hit the floor he did the same. Awe, I surrender too.



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Best In Show

Holy Shih tzu Batman. Guess whose dog nearly won “Best in Show” at the Madison Square Garden in New York City? Well, it was none other than Stockholm Syndrome poster girl, Patty Hearst. Remember her? Patty was the unfortunate granddaughter of William Randolph Hearst who was kidnapped by the Symbionese Liberation Army and made to do some very bad things. Anywho , Miss P, a 4 year old Beagle, took out the top dog award.

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