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Tanorexic Doll

It was bound to happen  those crazy people at Herobuilders doll company in Connecticut have released the Tanorexic doll in honor of the most tanned in the land, Patricia Krentcil. Come on people who could forget Patricia?


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Carpool Fail

Oh for crying out loud mister, if you are trying to scam police by driving in the high occupancy vehicle (carpool) lane with a blow up doll dressed up to look like a passenger,don’t even bother to put a cap on it’s head to cover up the cup holder because pissed off motorists WILL dob you in. WTF, blow up dolls  have friggin cup holders on their heads? I have read this story 5 times and still, WTF, cup holder?????

Want confusion with that?

Because you asked FF, because you asked ….




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Little Mommy, Gotta Go Doll

Good grief, was that a turd in the toilet?


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Scariest Friggin Doll EVER!!!



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