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It’s The Season

Move over 60 year old can of soup we have a new winner for the “Let’s Donate Crap” to  charity award. A Goodwill store  in California recieved a nice surprise when they opened a box of goodies and found a live hand grenade. The streets had to be evacuated and the bomb squad called. Nice one.


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Man Donates His Dick

Ever wanted to be first in something? Well, 95 year old Pall Arason finally got his wish. He is the first human to donate his penis to the Phallological Museum in Iceland. Bravo old chap. Yep, he pledge his dick to the museum in his will and now the pickled penis will take pride of place amongst the other 276 specimens the owner Sigurdur Hjartarson has collected since opening 15 years ago. Hmm, I’m sorry but a 95 year old dick in a jar doesn’t sound very appealing  😦


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I Wear My Sunglasses At Night

Cooler than me Ray Bans

Hey loons, did you all love the Chilean miners sunglasses? Well, they are Oakley sunnies.In what is being called the biggest product placement coup of the century, Oakley donated the 35 pairs of glasses. With virtually the entire world watching the company received the equivalent of $41 million free advertising. Hello, no one could avoid noticing those stylish shades. Oh and before you go all anti Oakley, it was a Chilean journo who recommended the brand to the Chilean private health insurer. The donated shades provide 100 percent ultraviolet light protection and cost around $180 a pair.


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That Didn’t Go At All Well

Colton Guthrie (8) thought he was doing a good deed by donating his pet turtle to the Panhandle aquarium. That was until a friggin alligator ate it! Tomalina, the red-eared slider, had become too big for Colton’s home aquarium so the family took it to the Gulfarium to frolic with the other red-eared sliders. Tomalina was placed in an exhibit with the turtles and one slightly bemused alligator. You can pretty much guess the rest….bloodbath! Not to worry, as compensation the family got a special meet and greet with the dolphins. Oh and if you were wondering, after lunch the alligator went back to ignoring the other turtles. Pet 0, Alligator 1.


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A Hand Grenade Is Not A Goodwill Item

This is really not funny people!

No, people, no, the Madison Goodwill store does not, and I repeat, does not want hand grenade donations, clothes yes, explosive devices not so much. Now the friggin Greensboro bomb squad will have to be called!

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Man Eats Winning Scratchcard

OK here’s the thing dumbass, if you win £8,930 on a scratchcard during a flight on Ryanair do not eat the friggin thing just because they don’t have enough cash on-board to pay you out straight away. The angry passenger was on the way from Poland to East midlands when the kerfuffle occurred. Hmm, as soon as the flight crew confirmed his winning ticket and informed him that he would have to collect the money directly from the company, he went ape shit and proceeded to eat the winning ticket. Now the dumbass won’t be receiving a cent, it will all be going to charity.

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