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World’s Heaviest Mom Gets Dumped

Oh my, the world’s heaviest mom is on a diet. Yeah, you better believe it. The 600lb woman who makes $90,000 a year from fans who paid to watch her eat more than 15,000 calories a day  has been dumped by her “chubby chasing” fiance, so she is giving up the food. She is closing her subscription fee site, moving back to Ohio and starting a weight loss blog. BUT, Donna Simpson has left the fridge door ajar saying she might consider going back to the binge if she finds someone who wants her to be heavier again. So she shouldn’t sell her mobility scooter or her XXXXXXXL size clothes just quite yet.


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It’s Good To Want Things!

Donna Simpson has ambitions,very big ambitions. The 273kg New Jersey woman wants to become the fattest woman in the world.Her goal is to reach 450kg within two years. Ms Simpson already holds the Guinness World Record for the fattest woman ever to give birth. She needed 30 medics to deliver her daughter by cesarean in 2007. Her partner Philippe, who is only 68kg, has been encouraging her to gain weight. Of course he has a fat fetish, gosh they met on a plus size dating site. Urgh and how is Donna funding her $750 need for calories shopping bill? She has a website where men pay to watch her eat. To achieve her desired weight Donna  has worked out she needs to stuff her face with 12,000 calories a day but confesses running waddling after her daughter keeps her weight down.

Psst Here is the current heaviest woman in the world that Donna hopes to shove off the bed …whoops I mean perch! Renee.


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