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Apocalypse Free Zone Is In France

Small village in France is a doomsday free zone

Hi, make yourself at home

For all of you worried about the Mayan doomsday prediction, I have some good news. Seems a little farming community in Bugarch, France, is an apocalypse free zone. Yes siree, those lucky enough to be there on the 21st December will be spared, thanks to the aliens living in the mountains. Yes, there aliens in them there hills. UFO watchers and Armageddon tourists have been flocking to the town after hearing word of “The land of immortality.” and the mountain of aliens. You still have time loons, you still have time.


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Reset Your Alarms People

OK, one down , one to go. Now that the 21st of May has past without incident, it’s time to refocus loons. 21st December, 2012, is the biggie. Get past this one and we’re laughing.  Hmm, now lets see how good the Mayans are!

Meanwhile back at Rapture radio all is pretty much silent. Harold Camping’s math sucks! I heard a rumor Stephen Hawking sent him a sympathy card!


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