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No Wonder There Was Never Any Snacks

grandmother-2The Forever Young nursing home in Canada is the dope. Whoops, I meant, was growing da dope. Unfortunately the enterprising little  marijuana operation in the home’s basement came to an untimely end when a fire broke out and police seized 55 plants , which is equivalent to about 275,000 rolled joints.


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Pot Drop Fail

OK, here’s the thing Dunkin Donuts employee, if you accidentally drop your stash of marijuana in with your bank deposit, don’t be going back to your bank the next day to ask for it back. That’s an arresting right there. Hmm, and now she’ll probably have to make a withdrawal to pay her $5,000 bail. Life’s a bitch!


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OK, here’s the thing Bryan Hartman from St Cloud, Florida, don’t be planting marijuana plants in the front of your friggin house. A) because someone could nick them and B) you could get your dumbass arrested. Sheez, who uses weed for landscaping anyways?


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OK, here’s the thing administrators at the Byron Nelson High School in Texas, you might want to do a course in tact before suspending a 16 year old boy for three days because he had bloodshot eyes  and looked like he’d been smoking dope. Turns out the snowflake was simply upset because his dad had been friggin murdered on the weekend.  The boy had begged his mom to let him go to school  so he could be with his friends but before going to class he had to go to the office to get a tardy slip. Big mistake. To make matters worse, despite his mom explaining the situation to the school she had to have him drug tested before he was allowed to return. Of course the results were negative.The boy’s mom who is more than miffed said “We had other things to do this week than worry about a three day window for an appeal, a two hour window for a drug test and my son’s reputation and high school career,”


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Greek Man Caught Weeding

Everyone thought they were just weeds...hang on

Everyone thought they were just weeds...hang on

OK, you don’t own any property but you want to grow your own dope, what do you do? How’s about using a median strip on a major highway? Some enterprising dude in Katerini,Greece, grew marijuana in the 1m wide median strip of a 6 lane highway . But the guy was sprung by police as he busily harvested his 42 plant crop, which was a healthy 5.9 feet (1.8m) tall.


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