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Whatever You Do, Don’t Smoke

Albert “Dick” Whittamore, who was buried this week in Dover, England had only one parting wish, that his hearse bore a sign “Smoking Killed Me”. The 85 year old had died from emphysema and wanted to do his bit to warn others of the dangers of smoking. Some of the town folk also put the signs in their windows as the hearse made it’s way to the cemetery. A placard with “Smoking Killed Me”  will lay at his grave site for a week. OK, OK, I know what you’re thinking,  it took it’s own sweet time killing him but it did. Adda boy Dick!


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Psst Wake Up, You’re Under Arrest!

We call that cow tipping!

We call that cow tipping!

Being a full time criminal can be very tiring work, just ask Jesse Dennis Dimmick from Dover, Kansas.Poor guy held a couple hostage for several hours but became  so tired he fell asleep, leaving them to make an exit stage left. Once the couple were safely outside, the Topeka police stormed the house and confronted Dimmick (who was probably just waking up from a peaceful sleep), and shot him during the altercation. Don’t worry, he’ll live!


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