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Dr Crippen Didn’t Do It

OMG, remember Dr Hawley Crippen the American homeopathic physician who was convicted of poisoning his wife, Cora , in London over a hundred years ago? No? Well anywho, thanks to DNA testing, we now know he didn’t do it. Shame they hanged him for it. Awkward. Scientists have confirmed the headless and limbless body found at the couple’s home in the coal cellar wasn’t hers but a male’s . So were the hell did Cora get to? Who the hell belongs to the body? OK, to be fair Crippen may have bumped off the man but given that police only discovered a piece of skin, curlers with bleached hair and a piece of Men’s pjs it would have been hard to prove jack! Where is friggin Sherlock when you need him?

Want some sauce with that?


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