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A Dingo Took My Sleeping Bag

I was cold!!!!

A teenage girl woke up to discover  she was being dragged  from her family caravan by a dingo. The dingo had latched onto her  sleeping bag and was pulling her into the night. Hmm, my advice is, sleep with one eye open and the caravan door closed when camping in the Northern Territory.

Psst Gee, if you thought Lindy had a hard time convincing people a dingo took her baby imagine this family…a dingo took my 13 year old and her sleeping bag!!!!


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When Chimpanzees Go Wild

An American University student is in a critical condition in a South African hospital after two chimpanzees grabbed the man’s legs from under a perimeter fence and dragged him into their enclosure. The animal sanctuary houses abused and misplaced chimps. The man was taking a group of people on a tour when the incident happened.


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Steve Irwin Envy?

I'm begging you, don't let that friggin kid near me again!!!

Are you telling fibs little boy ? A 10 year old kid allegedly dragged a 6ft alligator home after it snapped his fishing line and began chasing him. Michael Dasher claims after a confrontation with the beast  he whacked it on its back with a stick before dragging it home. His  granddad rang wildlife officers after he saw the poor thing licking it’s wounds in the front yard (the alligator that is). Dasher only suffered a few scratches on his hands and arms.

Psst OK, OK, stop worrying, the highly humiliated reptile will be released back into the river.

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Anything But The Louis Vuitton

Anything but my Vuitton!

Honey, sweetie, darl, it may be a Louis Vuitton bag, but if it means getting dragged behind a car , I think you need to let it go! A Scottish woman was walking down a street in Edinburgh when a group of men in a car called her over. As she got there one of them grabbed her purse and the car sped off. Hmm, it’s a friggin Louis, she wasn’t about to be letting go and held on with grim death as she got dragged behind the car clutching the purse. When the culprit realized she wasn’t going to give it up he let go. Hey, what’s a bit of skin off the knees, a sore arm and a trip to the hospital when it come to protecting your designer accessories.


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Free Ride

Now no more talk of men not being able to multi task. A man in Torronto is proof positive that males can do more than one thing at a time. Oh yes, while the unnamed guy was being dragged by a moving train, he reached into his pocket and dialed 911 on his cell to alert authorities. See, it isn’t that hard people. The incident occurred after the man had been drinking with some buddies on the stationary train when it began to move. His leg became stuck in an opening as he tried to get off and he was then dragged some 3 miles. Geez, now his buddies on the other hand, really suck at multi tasking. They just stopped and stared.

Psst Now we know you can receive a phone signal from under a train. Handy to know!

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