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Storm In A Wombat’s drain

I suspect this maybe one of the Wombie’s long lost cousins. Some random wombat has been found squatting in a stormwater drain in Launceston, Tasmania. Hmm, I’m guessing the lazy marsupial couldn’t be bothered digging a hole for winter or may be… it has Winky’s problem? Either way, this wombat has been given an eviction notice.


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There’s A Bear In There

You might want to tip toe around the town of Vesper in Wisconsin for a few months. They have a black bear hibernating in a  drain tunnel and he doesn’t like to be disturbed. Shhhh, thanks.


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Is There Even Milk In Moonshine?


OK here’s the thing you dumbass teen, when attempting to make moonshine from 5 gallons of milk, firstly, know what you’re friggin doing  and secondly, don’t  be dumping your sour, gelled, stinking failure  into a Santa Rosa storm drain. Sheez, that’s some good yogurt right there!  Fire crews had to use a vactor truck to suck up the wobbly white mess because it had clogged the drain.


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