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Throw Your Daughter Under The Bus

For goodness sakes, if you are going to try an elaborate prison break, act the part (and don’t throw your daughter under a bus). A Brazilian gang leader attempted an escape by dressing up as his daughter who was visiting him in prison. His daughter smuggled in a silicon mask, long-haired wig, skinny jeans and a pink tee. The daring plan nearly worked but unfortunately, the gang leader began acting nervous. Hmm, maybe those skinny jeans were too tight. Anywho, he was sprung and the daughter, who was left in his place, was arrested. Now Mr smarty-pants has been transferred to max-security prison and will probably be taunted for the rest of his life.

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Prepare To Be Grossed Out

pube_hairFrom the woman that bought you the Skittles dress, introducing the pube hair dress. I know, just gross. But loons, there is more, the designer used social media to source the pubic hairs. Oh for the love of hair wax, just NO.

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King Leer

Awkward, while Princess Mary of Denmark was pre-occupied entertaining dignitaries at a State dinner the  hubby of the Finnish president (AKA First Gentleman) stole  a look down her dress. What a boob! Move on, nothing to see there!


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Dumbass Bank Robber Of The Week

Man arrested after attempting to rob bank in a dressWhat has a curly wig, red lipstick, pretty dress , a fake homemade bomb made out of vegetable cans and really bad luck? Johnny Ray Bibbins. Johnny was arrested this week after attempting to rob a bank dressed like a woman. Police had no trouble identifying him, because he did pretty much the same thing 5 years earlier. Johnny had been out of jail 12 days.


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