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Best Road Sign Ever

This should be a permanent road fixture ….

Best road sign ever

Thanks Celtic Queen for this little gem


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Legend Bro

Blahahaha, Kiwis have an awesome anti drinking driving  ad campaign bro.


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Dumbest Thing You Will Hear All Day

An Indianapolis man who was pulled over for erratic driving  told officers he didn’t do anything wrong by drinking and driving because he didn’t hit anyone!

Psst He also threw urine over a cop when he refused a breathalyzer test and was taken to a local hospital. Double dumb.


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It Must Have Been The Sherry In The Trifle, Officer

Oh dear, a 90 year old woman has been caught drink driving in NSW. She recorded a 0.230 during a random breath test and was promptly arrested. Sheez, might want to lay off the sherry gran!

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Beyond Drink Driving

OMG, a New Jersey woman has been caught driving with a blood alcohol level of .39 with…wait for it…three children in the car. A police officers noticed Georgette Massi swerving all over the road with both the passenger side tires of her Jeep Cherokee completely flat. She also had a bottle of whiskey next to her which was only had about a third left in it. When she was breathalyzed she was just under being 5 times over the legal limit. Everyone was amazed she was still conscious. The little snowflakes (2 hers, 1 her friends) were all under 7. Her horrified hubby said “I know she drank. I didn’t know she had this sort of problem. She hid it well.”  Hmm??? Anywho, he seems to think her behavior is linked to her post natal depression.


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Thou Shall Not Drink While Driving

Now get back in the kitchen!

Oh for goodness sakes, they finally let a woman head a Protestant church in Germany and what does she do? Gets busted for drink driving, that’s what! Margot Kaessmann (aka Pop Bishop) a divorced mother of four was given the role as head of Germany’s EKD only 4 months ago but has now been forced to quit over the incident.


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DUI Dad Busted By His Teenage Son

The latest craze  in the US seems to be for teenagers to ring 911 and dob their dumbass parents into police. Bravo snowflakes. The latest story comes courtesy of a 13 year old Florida kid who rang 911 after fearing he and his 2 year old sibling were going to become roadkill. The boy, who had been in his dad’s car, managed to get out of it long enough to report his dad  drink driving. When police arrived the man, Gary Joe Greer, told them “I’m drunk”. Nice one, that’s a DUI, driving without a licence and child neglect right there!


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Don’t Drink and Get Shot

You would have to be the most unluckiest man in Syracuse wouldn’t you? A man who was randomly  shot , decided to drive himself to hospital but on his way he was charged with drink driving. Derek Pride was just standing on a street corner when someone just up and shot him. He then jumped in his car and decided to drive himself  to hospital  but drove  on the wrong side of the road  and straight into another car. Oh boy, despite bleeding from a gun wound to the shoulder the police still charged him with DUI but they did rush him to hospital! So all’s well that ends well. …sort of!


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Drinking Can Make You Legless!

Man uses severed leg as warning against drink drivingEwh, every year Song Weiguo of Jiangyan in eastern China, whips out his formaldehyde soaked leg and puts in on display in his town to warn people of the dangers of drink driving (so very Norman Bates of him!). Song lost his leg over 20 years ago after he got on his motorcycle drunk and cleaned up a tractor (hmm, or was that the other way around?). Anywho he somehow persuaded his doc to let him keep his severed leg. He keeps it in formaldehyde and brings it out on the anniversay of his accident (August) every year and then invites people, who he suspects drive while under the influence, to get a gander of it, in the hope it will change their ways. Song reackons it scares the hell out of anyone that views it and believes the lack of drink related accidents in his town is proof his strategy is working.


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Do You Swear On The Bible Father?

Waste Not, Want Not

Waste Not, Want Not

Of course there is drink driving loopholes for priests, too many masses and too much communion wine. An Italian priest is appealing his drink driving charges claiming it was the Holy Wine he had to drink during  4 separate masses that had tipped him over the limit. Hmm, must have been one hell of a mass because he registered 0.8 when the limit is 0.5. Despite his explanation the police revoked his drivers licence anyway…friggin atheists!


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