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Multi Tasking

OK loons don’t scoff, but how else can you drink beer and drive with an IV drip than hang the stand out the window. Just saying. A Chinese guy was captured swigging his beer in one hand while holding his IV drip stand in the other as he made a getaway from hospital I presume. No word on if he spilt any.

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I Hope He Didn’t Spill Any!

Finally a multitasking bank robber, sheez, I was starting to loose faith in humanity. A man in Springfield was seen sipping on a beer whilst running away from a bank he allegedly robbed. Unfortunately the dude’s excellent adventure came to a grinding halt after the red dye pack the teller had slipped into his bag of fake bills went kaboom and covered him in red dye. Police took him back to the bank so a witness could identify him. Doh!


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A Horse Walks Into A Bar…..

Beer, the nectar of the gods, has saved the life of a horse with a bad case of colic. Steve Clibborn thought his prized endurance horse Diamond Mojo was a goner after it began suffering from colic. However in a last ditched effort to save the ailing creature Steve decided to try an old bush remedy, beer. Soon after pouring a can of XXXX into the horse’s mouth it let out a gigantic burp, then viola, the horse began improving. So down went another few cans of XXXX and within a few days the horse was as right as rain…..pissed, but as right as rain.


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God Bless Monks


J Wilson is a genius, no seriously,  genius. He’s going to be living on beer and water from Ash Wednesday until Easter because evidently that’s what some monks did 300 years back. Dude! Doppelbock beer also known as “liquid bread” was all they consumed during Lent. Mr Wilson has already begun sipping away at the 300 calorie, 6.7 percent alcohol brew. He plans to down four a day. Good luck with that!

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