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Stop Drinking The Petrol

No petrol, no high

No petrol, no high

A man from Cleveland has been banned from going near any garage pumps after he was caught drinking petrol …again. The addict loves nothing better than slashing the hose and taking a drink or sniff of gasoline before doing a little jig while high as a kite. A few years back he tried beating the habit by attending meetings but was kicked out due to the stench and the fear he posed a fire risk.

Want sauce with that?


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Things To Do In Denver When You’re Dead

No, he always looks pale!

Oh for crying out loud guys if Judge Judy heard about this she’d bitch slap you two into next week. When Robert Jeffrey Young and Mark Rubinson decided to visit their friend Jeffrey Jarret they were shocked to find him dead as a door nail. Hmm, but instead of ringing  for an ambulance they thought they would take him to his favorite bar (so they could use his tab of course). When they had finished they put the probably very stiff mate in the car and continued bar hopping all over Denver with his credit card. It’s only when they took the corpse home after their pub crawl did they bother to ring the police.


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Winehouse back in Rehab I Say Yes, Yes, Yes,

Sculling a miniature bottle of Smirnoff then vomiting in a hair salon toilet before telling staff “I just puked all over your bathroom.”  must mean one thing, Amy Winehouse has decided to go back to rehab. Yep, the trainwreck got in one last swig before checking in for treatment at The Priory.

Want sauce with that?


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That Would Be Hard To Swallow

Survival sometimes means having to go to extreme lengths to live, just ask 84 year old Henry “Hank” Morello. OK, he didn’t have to saw his arm off with a pocketknife but he did  he survived 5 days alone in the desert north of Phoenix by sipping on diluted window washing fluid from his car. Attaboy Hank. After getting his SUV bogged  in sand he was forced to rough it for nearly a week before a helicopter spotted him.


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Stop! Or I’ll …..

It's all just a horrible misunderstanding!

Hmm, since when has a “clear, rigid feminine pleasure device” (dildo) been considered a weapon? When Carolee Bildsten (57) allegedly used it as self defense against a cop. Oh boy. The story is a tad long winded so here’s my diluted version…Bildsten goes to Joe’s Crab Shack for a meal and  a couple of drinks, she’s a tad pissed and has forgotten her purse.She tells the bartender she’ll toddled home to get some cash (psst she has a broken foot). Gives up on a taxi and walks. Police eventually find her lying in the grass (she tripped, OK!!). They take her home, she goes to her sock draw to get her money and one of the officers startles her. That’s when she reached for her dildo in self defense (can’t trust those Gurnee police officers!). That’s an arrest right there. Bildsten is  an active member of Alcoholics Anonymous and is working hard at improving her life. You go girl!

Want sauce with that?


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That’s Gotta Hurt

Ewh, ouch. A middle aged woman fell out of a motor home while it was scooting down the Interstate. Sharon Glover went to the rear of the vehicle to use the toilet when she either a) opened the wrong door  and stepped into oblivion or b) leaned too hard on the door. Whatever the case, she fell out, skidding 100ft on the paved emergency lane before hitting the grass shoulder.Yes, she had been drinking.


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Rumor Mill Round Up

Seems not even a car rollover can kill Dennis Rodman, Mel Gibson’s gone fishing, Laurence Fishburne’s daughter was a prostitute is a porn star (so much for nepotism), Snooki is swearing off booze during the daylight hours, Robbie Williams is officially off the market (yes, fiance signed a pre-nup), Katy Perry is being sued by the Beach boys over California Girls, Emma Thompson is depressed and Lindsay is still in rehab.


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The Dangers of Drinking

OK loons, there are two people at fault here. Firstly, there’s the brother who came home with the wrong kind of beer and secondly Lorraine Bulloch for getting so angry about it she threw a knife at him and missed, leaving a three year old with a knife in her head. Savannah police say that Ms Bulloch allegedly chucked a knife at her bro after he returned home with the wrong brand of beer but managed to duck. Unfortunately the little girl wasn’t so lucky and copped it in the head. She is currently in hospital with serious injuries. Ms Bulloch was arrested.

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Old Dog, New Tricks

Need for speed

OK, here’s the thing 90 year old hoon, driving 20km/h over the speed limit is one thing but blowing 0.112 (twice the legal limit) is quite another. The twilight year old Victorian man has  been stripped of his license and will now  have to catch public transport or bum lifts. Unlucky.

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