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Something To Tell The Grandchildren

You know what I hate? When a real estate drone takes a snap of  you sunbaking in a g-string and then the pic is blown up and placed on a giant billboard outside your neighbour’s house. Gotta hate that! The shot was taken to sell the property next door but no one bother to crop the poor woman out. . Evidently people were having a right old chuckle before she realised it was her. Oh and to make the shame more real the image  also appears in the real estate magazine and on the real estate website.

billboard naked 1


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Anyone Missing an Orange BQM-74e Drone

US drone found in ocean off PhilippinesThe US Navy, could the US Navy come to the front counter please, we have your friggin 10-foot orange BQM-74e drone. Seems you left it floating in the ocean off the coast of the Philippines. Lucky for the fisherman who found it, it wasn’t armed.


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Come Out, Come Out, Where Ever You Are

Attention good people of Iran, if you happen to come across a US RQ-170 drone in your travels could you please give the CIA a buzz thanks, they are looking for it! Seems the $6 million unmanned aircraft,  nicknamed “beast of Kandahar”, went AWOL during a secret mission. Evidently it is so top secret the US Air Force haven’t even distributed a photo of the darn thing.


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Meow Meow

WTF, I've been taking that shit for years

Move over ecstasy there is a new drug in town called ‘meow meow’ and guess what? It’s friggin legal. The totally “spin you out” hallucinatory drug Mephedrone can be found on the internet under “Plant Fertiliser” . The chemical formula is only one molecule short of ecstasy but is just as deadly. On the streets it is also known as “drone”, “bubble”, and “legal high”. Durham police reported a young man had hallucinated for 18 hours while under the influence of ‘meow meow’ believing centipedes were crawling all over him. It didn’t end well with him eventually ripping off his scrotum ! The drug is banned in Sweden, Israel, Norway and Finland but freely and legally available in the UK.


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